How Did Your Life Change After Quitting Social Media?

Quitting social media!

Are really think about quitting social media? Let’s talk about it.

Social media is like other addictions. And when you are on social media, you have many friends. But social media addictions are bringing many excellent and adverse effects to your life. When you are just using social media for informal communications from the core of your heart, you know that you are just wasting your time. But when you are using social media for social media marketing. This social media is working like a magic wand.

But unless you are using social media for professional communications. Hence there are many adverse effects of using social media. Whatever social media platform you are using, social media mascot Snapchat or Facebook, you can not deny the negative side effects of using social media. Social media marketing brings thousands of benefits for social media users, but it only brings very few advantages for the regular user.

Let’s have a look at a few advantages of quitting social media.

4 Benefits Of Quitting Social Media

There is nothing wrong that can happen with quitting social media. You have your decision. You are going to make your decision on your own. When you see social media posts, your mind is bound to a fictional world. And this anxiety & depression are not bringing you anywhere.

Here are the advantages you will get when you are quitting social media.

1. Make The Connection with Only Valued People

Your social media friends list has hundreds of friends, but when you are going to need help from them, you do not get it because your friends from social media are only going to follow you when you are posting anything on social media.

That means you have a very long list of friends, but you do not have a real friend who can give you any solutions to recover the issues. Valued people are never going to judge over your dress or looks. But in social media, everyone is only thinking about you over your posts and the shares.

Fake connections are the biggest challenge for social media users. But when you are quitting social media, you will make connections with very few people. These few numbers of people are only the valued people. 

You are going to have the time to invest in effective and long-lasting relationships. Of course, the valued people connections are more important as you have many people in the connection, but you are going to share a stronger bond.

2. Keep Your Mind Fresh 

Every social media is loaded with thousands of false news stories. When you are regularly using social media platforms, you will see this false and frictional news. And more you are going to see the Facebook profile. Your mind is going to be bound with an imaginary world.

A fresh and relieved mind is the best advantage of quitting social media usage. A new and creative mind is going to give you an extreme point of view over your life. And you can start to think more productively.

Even after you log out from your Facebook profile, you can not get over the memories of the social media posts. So your Facebook katana folder is going to save all the data. And this way, even after you log out from your Facebook profile, your device will carry the history of all the data related to social media.

3. You Are Staying Away From The Frictional World

When you are entering the social media world, you will see many frictional posts. And these posts are leading you to a different world where you do not have the real existence of the real news. Your chrome continues the use, but you can not get the chance to live in the real world unless you are detaching yourself from social media.

You are keeping your mind occupied by the social media news. But when you do not have the chance to breathe in the fresh air. You can not get a free mind to think positive thoughts. And these positive thoughts keep your mind creative and innovative.

The most significant disadvantages of social media are the social bullies. When you are in these situations once, you will start to feel down. And quitting social media is the only process that keeps your mind fresh and creative.

4. You are Start Investing Time To Make Something Meaningful

Most social media users are starting to invest their energy to earn likes and shares. These likes and shares are working as boosters. But what about self-motivation and encouragement?

Why every time you are going to need a social media friends list to encourage your look and activity. Every activity has some good and adverse effects. Social media good comments are boosting your confidence level.

Adverse effects are the social media negative comments and dislikes. In regular life, you encounter at least hundreds of people daily. But very few you can remember. And you are just neglecting the negative comment.

When it is a social media moment, the effects are going to be long-term. Even if you are preparing to take the liquid vitamins to forget the comments and feel fresh. After you quit social media usage, you start to enjoy your free time and make use of your time.


Social media is the biggest platform. From social media, you will get multiple chances to develop an extensive list of friends. And you will get the global news from this single platform.

But you have to select first what should be your target for social media engagement. Are you just using it to increase your online visibility or want to use it to grow your career? Hence the professional use of social media has multiple advantages.

But if you are fed up with the disturbed social bully, you must quit your social media profile and enjoy a calm and easy life.

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