Social Media Marketing Platforms and their benefits

When you are deciding to do social media marketing for your business from the best SMM agency in Canada, then a few popular platforms come to mind like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

However, new platforms and formats are coming out there with different functionalities such as live streaming, augmented reality, shopping, and more.

Thus, here is a list of a large variety of platforms grouped into different categories that focus on specific functionalities and how businesses can benefit from them.

Social audio platforms

Examples: Clubhouse, Spotify, Twitter Spaces

Used for

Live conversations can be listened to on various topics

How your business can use them

New social audio platforms can be used for live conversations.

The benefit of audio social media platforms is the attention and engagement of the listener audience 

Thus, you can use them for lively and engaging conversations that can build your image. You can come out as a leader in your field. And you can introduce your business or products to an interested audience.

You can use audio social media platforms for:

  • Hosting industry panels
  • Broadcasting news and big announcements
  • Hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) interactive sessions with your audience

Video social media platforms

Examples: TikTok, YouTube, Facebook Watch, Instagram Stories and Reels

Used for: Watch long and short videos

How your business can use them: Video social media platforms are for interesting videos. They drive brand awareness and bring products to life.

Your videos should be entertaining, and/or inspiring. Videos made for sale only will not engage the audience.

Disappearing content formats

Examples: Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Stories

Used for: Viewing short-lived messages for up to 24 hours

How your business can use them: Disappearing stories are used to post time-based content, such as announcements, live events, or limited edition products 

You can use disappearing content for:

  • Polls, voting
  • Teasers/countdowns to product launches
  • Behind the scenes

Discussion forums

Examples: Reddit, Quora

Used for: Networking, asking and answering questions, building communities around niche topics.

How your business can use them: So, you can help your customers by giving them correct answers to their queries. Also, you can provide your business knowledge and answer questions related to your industry.

An added benefit is if you can share your product info in the answers. 

Shoppable social media platforms

Examples: Pinterest Product Pins, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops

Used for: Viewing and Shopping products directly from social media app

How your business can use them: You can allow your customers to purchase products from you from the social media app

These platforms have built-in mobile-friendly features to purchase products. They allow you to connect your product catalog directly to your profile on social media apps.

Here are some awesome ways to use shopping social media:

  • Limited edition launch
  • Social selling
  • E-commerce

Business Platforms

Examples: LinkedIn, Twitter

Used for: Connecting with professionals or potential clients

How your business can use them: Moreover, there are many benefits of using Business social media platforms. For example – Recruiting and hiring talent, building B2B connections, and connecting with professionals in your industry.

Apart from LinkedIn, you can also use Twitter for business purposes. Also, Twitter allows businesses to find relevant conversations. 

Therefore, network and connect with clients through communities that have been built around niche hashtags on Twitter.

Closed/Private community social media platforms

Examples: Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Discourse, Slack

Used for: Creating interest-based groups for sharing niche content

How your business can use them: Thus, businesses can use private groups on social media platforms. Helps to create a local community to share interest-based content and build a network.

Communities can share challenges, help to answer questions, and build professional belonging. 

You can use many different types of social media platforms. Few are crucial to use for any business, while others should be used according to your business needs. 

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