Top 17 Most Unusual Buildings in The World

Top 17 Most Unusual Buildings in The World

There is no doubt that the globe is filled with masterpieces and unconventional buildings structures. There are many unique things to be found on earth that including bizarre and unique eateries from all over the world, bizarre and unusual temples, as well as bizarre museums across the globe. 

Numerous architects have designed numerous man-made structures and huge structures that not only awe people but also push far beyond the natural boundaries. There are many amazing buildings around the globe that are renowned for their unique forms, stunning designs, and distinct designs. Calculate area surfaces with an area calculator.

Unique or Weird Shapes Buildings

These unique buildings must be seen to believe. We’ve searched across the globe for unusual houses as well as bizarre architecture and unique buildings, and have found the things we were seeking. From psychedelic to whimsical to plain odd There’s something for everyone in this collection. You can try an area of circle calculator to find the circle area.

  • Beagle Hotel, Idaho – an eccentric dog-shaped home

Visitors are welcome to rest in the beagle. The unique dog-shaped home is available for visitors to Cottonwood within Idaho in the US State of Idaho between April and October. It has the convenience of a refrigerator, microwave as well as free internet access, and even a bathtub. The price per night is reasonable, with a 1-night stay for two persons costing just $132. The Beagle Hotel will guarantee an unforgettable stay for canines and humans.

  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

The building that has been shining brightly in Seoul since 2014, is a unique structure that has been lighting up the South Korean capital Seoul 2014, appears like the size of a huge neon sponge. The design was created by star architect Zaha Hadid the structure has grown popular as a photo motive for people from all over the world due to its flowing shapes and greenish-colored lighting. But the multi-faceted Dongdaemun Design Plaza not only is a stunning architectural marvel due to its aluminum exterior but is also home to an art gallery, a museum as well as shopping facilities, and parks.

  • The Bund Finance Center, Shanghai

The curious structure is constantly changing its look. Inspired by the tradition of Chinese operas, the three curtains are comprised of steel tubes that are overlapping circulate around the building several times throughout the day. The venue for events and conferences also draws interest in its gold and bronze color scheme. It is located in Shanghai’s famed Bund in the city of Shanghai The designers Thomas Heatherwick and Norman Foster have created a memorial to themselves by creating this distinctive construction.

  • Hemisphere, Valencia – unique among unusual buildings

The stunning structure in the Hemisphere in Valencia symbolizes a huge human eye, as per Santiago Calatrava. It’s a fantastic comparison as the inside is the 3D IMAX Cinema. The unique design of the Hemisphere blends perfectly with the other unusual structures. They’re all an integral part of the City of Arts and Sciences which is situated on a riverbed that has been drained.

  • Longaberger Basket Building, Ohio A real basket case and building

The name of the company says it all within the Longaberger Basket Building. The bizarre structure is a tribute to Dave Longaberger, founder of the company with the same name. The company focused on the manufacturing of baskets for shopping, among other things. In the beginning, the structure was to be the first of a string of odd designs at each of the offices of the company. But the company decided to scrap these plans following the demise of the founder. After a few years of inactivity, the world’s biggest house with the form of an open-air basket was reopened as a luxurious hotel in 2020.

  • Dancing House, Prague – an exciting prize-winning

Due to its resemblance to dancing couples the building designed by designer Frank Gehry was nicknamed “Fred and Ginger”. Some critics see the unique architecture as a departure from the typical Prague landscape. The building’s supporters however appreciate the dynamism of the multi-award-winning structure, that is home to offices.

  • The crooked house Poland – a wibbly-wobbly retailer unit

The house that is crooked forms part of the mall located in Sopot, the Polish city of Sopot. The design was created by Szotynscy & Zaleski in 2004 the building that is unique is among the most photographed sites in the world. This is not surprising, considering that it creates the impression of drinking.

  • Stone House, Portugal – an unusually natural structure

The Casa do Penedos, or “stone house” in Portugal was built between 1972 and 1974, amidst many large stone blocks. In addition, the source of inspiration for this unusual house is believed to be the animated show The Flintstones. As a result, the structure is a prehistoric marvel that has been a major tourist attraction. Inside, the enigmatic structure houses a museum.

  • Lotus Temple, New Delhi is a beautiful temple

As the name implies, the lotus flower served as a model for Lotus Temple in the Indian capital New Delhi. Furthermore, the temple’s distinctive architecture has among others 27 marble-free elements which were inspired by petals. The 40-meter tall structure provides space for about 2,500 visitors and is a place of worship to the Bahai.

  • Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi

Much like a UFO Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi (MAC) is awe-inspiringly situated on the cliffs above Guanabara Bay. The sci-fi-inspired architecture of the building creates the perfect setting for contemporary art that is displayed at the museum. Its Brazilian designer Oscar Niemeyer is responsible for the distinctive architecture, such as the 60-meter-long and curving access ramp.

  • Sheraton Hotel, Huzhou – curving Hotel with lake views

The Sheraton Hotel located in Huzhou, Chinese town of Huzhou is also known as”the “Horseshoe Hotel” by the people who live there due to its design. The hotel is 102 meters high and set on a lake. It provides guests with 321 rooms and four dining options, as well as fitness facilities and a pool for kids.

  • Teapot House, China – A matter of taste

People like unusual things, but some houses, such as the famous teapot from Wuxi in China, go all out. The enormous teapot rotates and has intricate lighting. This is too much for a tourist information center. A state committee decided that builders across the country should not be allowed to build houses with unusual or bizarre shapes.

  • Gate Tower Building, Osaka. Excellent transport links

A building in Osaka, Japan is both practical and unusual. The Gate Tower Building houses a section that runs from floors 5 through 7. It has sound insulation reinforced to ensure that noise doesn’t disturb the offices around it. The special architecture comes with a cost. Rent is paid by the motorway operator for floors that are occupied by the motorway. This amounts to approximately 15,000 euros per month.

  • Staircase to Heaven Mexico – Amazing house in a surreal setting

The “Staircase To Heaven”, a British multimillionaire and landscaper, is more sculpture than a house. This unusual building was built by the eccentric designer as part of his jungle garden in Mexico. Visitors are also attracted to this bizarre house, which features columns that have been overgrown with plants, tangled paths, and stairs that lead nowhere.

  • Kunsthaus, Graz – the blue blob

The Kunsthaus in Graz is undoubtedly one of the most unusual buildings in the Styrian capital. The amorphous shape of the Kunsthaus in Graz is strikingly different from the buildings surrounding the old town center. This is why it attracts much criticism. Peter Cook, the architect, believes that the Blob of Graz is designed to divide opinion. The building contains modern art. A viewing platform is also available for visitors.

  • Haines Shoe House, Pennsylvania – Special architecture in the form of a shoe

Mahlon Haines, a shoe salesman, had an idea in 1948. He built a house in the form of a shoe to increase his business. The fully furnished house has a living room at the shoe’s toe and a kitchen at the heel. Two bedrooms are also located at the ankle. The unusual house, where Haines and his family did not live in, is now open to the public. The house is worth a visit at the very least to the tiny ice cream shop that is hidden in one of its rooms.


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