How can I return my car rental at the airport?​

Are you planning to return a car rented at the airport? You need to know this and how it works at major airports such as LAX, DFW, and others.

You’re not the only one about to return a car service TF to green airport rented at an airport near you. Airport drop-off is a popular option because it allows people to return their rental car to a nearby airport quickly and easily.

Today, we will discuss how airport rental return policies may differ from those at non-airport locations. We’ll also be discussing how it works at some of the most popular US airports and the rules for rental companies.

Airport car rental return

Nearly all US airports (and around the globe) offer car rental services. Many places offer rental services.

First, you should know that airports offer two types of rental services. These are:

  • Rental companies can be found on-site, with some garage buildings for renting cars.

  • Rental agencies can found nearby but not at the airport. It can sometimes take five to ten minutes to drive to the airport.

Remember that large airports might have both rental and taxi companies. However, the airport’s size may take a shuttle bus/tram to get to the terminals. It may take up to 10 minutes to get from the rental company to the check-in counter.

You should know this when you pick up or book your rental car. Both options might be available at the airport but may not be available from the same rental company. This will affect the time it takes to pick up and return the vehicle.

“On-site” airport car rental return

The easiest option is to return your car on-site. Most major airports have signs that direct drivers in the right direction. You should not be alarmed if more than four rental companies are listed on the sign.

An attendant will identify your car at a busy place and inspect it for damages, mileage, and other items. If all is well, an attendant will give you a receipt to prove that you have returned the car.

This location is easily accessible from the airport entrance and check-in areas. This is the best advantage of an airport rental return.

“Off-site” airport car rental return

Off-site returns are made further from the airport than the name implies. This is not a problem. You’ll need to add time to get there so that you arrive on time for check-in.

Most rental companies offer a shuttle service to the airport. This will be a small van or bus that can carry everyone’s luggage.

The return process is the same. However, depending on the traffic and size of the area, you will need to park the car and then ask for an attendant. The employee from the rental company will inspect the vehicle for damage, mileage, and other details before receiving a receipt.

After-hours car rental return

Sometimes you will need to check in for an early or late flight. What do you do if the location is close or you need to drop off the car?

First, be aware that you must inform the rental company if you know that you will have to return your rental car by 4 a.m. You should always confirm with the rental company that they have the right procedure for your location.

Here are the guidelines for returning a car after hours to a few rental agencies:

  • Enterprise: After-hours returns to airport locations are permitted, provided you contact the rental location in advance.

  • Hertz allows late or early drop-offs. You will be asked to park your car in the designated Hertz area and return the keys and the rental agreement to the drop box.

  • Avis: You can return your rental before or after business hours, but you should make arrangements in advance by calling the rental agency.

The most important thing is to let the rental agency know.

Major airport rental return

Below is a list of major US airports and instructions for returning your rental at each one.

San Diego Airport Rental Car Return

San Diego International Airport has a Rental Car Center. Shuttle service is provided from this area to the terminals. There are four floors and enough space to hold more than five thousand cars.

The SAN Rental Car Center can be found at 3355 Admiral Boland Way. It’s open daily from 7 a.m. until 12:30 a.m.

You’ll find the top rental companies on-site such as Alamo and Avis, Dollar Enterprise, Hertz National, Sixt, Hertz, National, Sixt, and many more. You can also find Mex, Silvercar, and other options off-site.

Follow these signs to find the Rental Car Center to return your rented car.

Los Angeles International Airport rental car return

Returning a car at LAX can be confusing, but don’t worry! Many rental agencies are scattered around the airport, meaning they can be found in other locations. This is why many people get confused. Although rental companies are often found in “clustered” areas at other airports, this does not hold for LAX.

It is a good idea to have the correct drop-off address handy. This information can be found in your rental agreement. Don’t rely on signs posted on the roads.

You will find cars from Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, and Sixt near LAX.

Rental companies can provide transportation from their offices and terminals like other off-site locations.

Dallas Fort-Worth Airport rental car return

A limo service Boston Car Rental Center is also available in DFW, which is open 24 hours daily. Follow the signs to return your rental car. Transportation to the terminals can arrange after the car is dropped off. It runs 24 hours a day and departs every 10-15 minutes.

The DFW Rental Car Center can be found at 2424 E. 38th Street near the south entrance.

You’ll find 12 rental agencies: Advantage, Alamo, and Avis.

Atlanta Airport Rental Car Return

Atlanta has a rental service at 2200 Rental Car Center Parkway, connected to the terminal via the ATL Skytrain. It takes approximately 5 minutes.

Follow the signs to get to the Rental Car Center. Please allow 30 minutes extra to return your rented vehicle to ATL to avoid any unexpected delays.


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