Do reviews impact local SEO ranking?

Are you wondering what might be the relation between local SEO ranking and reviews and does Google reviews affect local search engine marketing then fortunately you landed at the right place as here in this blog we are going to tell you about the same in this blog so make sure that you are with us till the very end of the article. 

Over the last few years, we have noticed that online reviews have become a thing that is no more negotiable of any local business owner and also marketer’s arsenal. And not only this but we have also seen some significant growth in the volume of the review sites and also the rate of the writing of the customers is also increasing. We can also see a growth in the reference for the writings. 

Role of reviews – 

Let us see the use of Google reviews to help people so that you can know that. Google reviews often help people to decide which services or which product they should use or which they should buy or where they should travel and even people look up for reviews to see where and what you should eat. Reviews have become an integral part of our lives and at every small step of our lives, we look for Google reviews ranking. You can also hire a marketing agency for your local SEO services so that you don’t have to worry about all and the agency will take care of that 

Business benefits that come with Google reviews – 

    1. Now if you are thinking that how many Google reviews do I need then let us tell you that having four and five-star reviews which will show that business can be only trusted by that and people can then try them. And if your Google reviews are good and positive then the users are likely to choose and go with your business instead of other competitors.
    2. Secondly, having a number of positive reviews on your service will surely increase the number of customers who will pay for your services and hence it will give you a huge profit. In studies, it is shown that the consumers are spending around 31% more on the services which have excellent reviews on Google rather than they spend on services and companies which they have selected out of Google reviews. 
  • If you will have four or five stars on your Google my business profile then it will surely increase the click-through on your websites and Google reviews help to rank by getting more and more traffic on your websites. 
  • If we see the ratio of a number of customers who prefer services of Google reviews then we see that more than seven out of ten customers go for Google reviews than a personal recommendation for selecting a service or a product. 

Impact of negative reviews – 

Just like positive reviews create a good impression on the customers similarly negative reviews create a bad impression on the customers and hence it will give a bad impression of your product and service on the customers will not tend to spend on your service and products. 

  1. Negative reviews tend to damage your prestige and your trustworthiness in the business and also the reputation of the services which you offer. 
  2. A single negative review on your can drive away from the 22% of the customers whereas if your site gets three negative reviews then it will drive around 59% of customers from your website. 
  3. And not only this but a single review will cost you 40% of consumers who might want to take out their cash and will invest them elsewhere where they will get positive reviews. 
  4. People often hesitate to get not things from a service that has no reviews and with negative reviews. 

Do reviews really affect the local SEO ranking? 

Yes, Google reviews often affect the Local SEO Ranking and these Google reviews will be looked into to calculate search positions on the search engine. And it should be no surprise to the users that the reviews and Local SEO Ranking are closely linked because they have some or other similar objects. 

We hope that the information which we have provided for you has been solved and you were able to answer your question which you had in your mind by looking it up on the internet. 


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