The Right Way of Optimizing Your Google My Business Page 2021?

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business or GMB facility by google is growing rapidly as these are helping businesses establish an online presence on google. It brings together consumers and sellers at one place as those searching for your service online are actually able to find you and locate you. As a result, improving the number of customer walk-ins every day.

However to enjoy the maximum benefits. Owners must improve their ranking over google searches by optimizing their listing. And using added features by GMB. Some of the ways that can help you in doing so are mentioned here.

What good will it bring if you optimize your listing at Google My Business?

The main reason behind optimizing your Google My Business page is to boost your ranking. And make you discoverable by users. Google has a smart algorithm that takes into account relevance, proximity, activity, information quality. To set your ranking among other business profiles. So, when you optimize your account, you are actually sending signals to the google search engine to improve your ranking in the local search result. Thus, you are benefited from increased visibility, landing rate, engagement, and conversion.

What are the functions of Googly My Business?

Some of the functions that GMB carries that might benefit your company includes:

  • If a prospective buyer is searching for your business, they will receive all the information on the result page itself without clicking on it.
  • Your business will be visible on the map, especially when local people use the phrase “near me.”
  • You can manage the empty or incorrect field, which the google search panel show on the right, having statistics about the business.
  • You get the chance of featuring in the local pack of the google search result. (It is the three businesses that appear as suggestions under the map)

So, to make sure you have an eye-catchy, highly visible search potential, make sure to optimize your Google My Business account.

7 Ways of optimizing your Google listing

These tips will surely help you stand out in the local search result and outrun your competitions:

1 Make sure all the information is filled

The first step to optimizing your Google My Business account is filling comprehensive, accurate and updated information about your business profile. Also, ensure that all the necessary sections are filled including:

  • Address
  • Business name
  • Contact number
  • Category
  • Website
  • Working hours
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Q & A
  • Additional field as relevant for your sector

When you have answered all the questions potential customers could have asked for, it becomes much easier to reach you. Additionally, when you have fed all the details, it increases your ranking as now google recognizes you.

2 Categorize your business

Categorize your business to define it to your audience properly and connect with them when relative services are being searched. In other words, when you categorize your business, it increases your chances of appearing as the top results, increasing your client base.

You will not be able to create these categories on your own as google auto-populates it. However, there are plenty of categories that will satisfy your industry service. For example, you can choose between financial consultant, financial planner, investment service, etc. But keep in mind the category you choose must define your overall business.

3 Optimize your description

The brief description that appears below your company name in your Google My Business account is out of reach. The search engine itself creates this section keeping in mind the details you feed. However, there is one description that you can manipulate, and that is the ‘from the business’ section.

When redesigning the description, use the available 750 characters by filling in only relevant pieces of information. It would be good to combine it with the mission statement and keywords that people may use.

4 Make contact easy for customers

Another way to optimize your Google My Business account is to provide only clear and accurate data. So, ensure that your business name and address is the same as mentioned in your store’s signage. The Google algorithm can affect your business listing negatively.

5 Add photos for a good impression

Uploading photos of your workplace or business can improve the quality of your listing and signal the google engine to improve ranking. It is because it shows that you have an active and up-to-date business. Not only this, but google images also increase the visibility of customers to your place through local searches. Further, if you want to maximize your result, consider one image for one week at least.

6 Get customers to post reviews

Google acknowledges customer reviews as the leading influence of what assures other customers. So, they have made it a strong parameter to increase the ranking as per their algorithm. Thus, when you usually search for something on Google, you will find the top three searches are the ones that have got the most reviews and stars. Follow these tips to optimize your Google My Business account with the help of customer review:

  • Create a simple review page containing a CTA section for people to post their thoughts.
  • Make it clear and hassle-free for customers to leave their reviews by creating a shortcut review link quickly.
  • Begin with the long-time clients you hold that are loyal to you to bring positive ness to your account
  • Encourage customers to drop their review via social medica text, email, or as conversation.
  1. Create FAQ list

It is to allow customers to ask questions and get answers in return. So, when Google sees you are prompt in addressing your prospective clients, they give you a high ranking.


When you follow the above points, you will notice that optimizing your Google My Business account is not as tough as people explain it to be. However, remember all your data must be correct, clear and should not be misleading. Google algorithm is smart enough to find all the loopholes. If you need a website or a mobile app or digital marketing, we are happy to help, just drop us a text here.


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