Is it worth investing in a Ductless AC unit?

Living in a small apartment, you would want to find an efficient way to keep your indoors comfortable. Ductless AC unit or mini-split systems are the simplest yet functional appliances that can keep the home atmosphere amicable.


Let us ponder upon a few benefits of installing a ductless AC unit


Can be installed in no time

A traditional HVAC unit can be complicated and need much time for duct work. On the other hand, Ductless AC units can be installed in no time as it involves no duct work. An expert technician can install a ductless AC unit within a day or two.


Can offer personalized and zoned comfort

You may have senior citizens living in your family who would want a little warmer temperature, while the younger generation might crave for lower temperature. Ductless AC units can end this battle with personalized control over the temperature. Every room can have a temperature set as per the occupant’s preferences.


Enhanced energy efficiency

Ductless AC units are quite an energy-efficient alternative to traditional AC units. The AC units in the rooms can be switched off to keep the energy bills low. The traditional HVAC units may develop duct leakages over time, challenging the appliance’s efficiency and resulting in more consumption of energy. The ductless AC units do not have such a problem.

Many AC units have one or two-level compressors cycling to provide a set temperature, consuming more electricity. However, the ductless units have adjustable temperature controls that adjust according to the home conditions to provide a pleasant indoor atmosphere without switching on and off constantly, saving energy.


Saves space

The Ductless AC units are compact and take lesser space than the traditional ones. They do not require expensive duct work and are not too heavy. You can easily install these mini-splits on your window and enjoy a pleasing atmosphere at home.


Older apartments and thick walls can conveniently cooled

The ductless AC units or mini-splits can make it easier to cool the older apartments with thick walls since no duct work required.


Get the best of air quality indoors

A ductless AC unit is ideal for those who care a lot for their family’s health. If your family suffers from asthma or allergies, a ductless AC unit can be ideal. A ductless system means you don’t have to deal with allergens, dust particles, or dust that can accumulate in the ducts. The ductless AC units also dehumidify the indoor atmosphere.

Lesser maintenance required

A traditional HVAC unit requires proper seasonal maintenance and thorough cleaning, but ductless AC units do not need a lot of maintenance.

Keep the filters clean and the vents uninterrupted so that the airflow is consistent. The duct work cleaning regime not required with ductless units, and that can save time, money, and effort for the homeowners.


Disadvantages of installing ductless AC units

Though ductless mini-split systems can save energy and installation costs, the initial investment can be high as certified AC installation experts required to install the system. If the units not properly installed, the appliance would not run efficiently and may result in energy wastage. Often, many homeowners would aesthetically dislike the wall mounting of the appliance. But since the advantages are more compared to the disadvantages, people tend to install ductless AC units.


Annual inspections with the HVAC professional can help you with proper ductless AC unit maintenance. A skilled HVAC professional can help you with minor repairs that, if ignored, can result in bigger problems. You can expect more than two decades of lifespan if the unit taken care of quite well.


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