How Family Office Investors Make Big Profit?

Family offices are thriving in today’s business world. Most family offices invest in equity, and they’re eying on significant returns.

Data from Citi Private Bank shows that over two-thirds of family office investors will seek over 5% returns in 2022. Also, 30% of family office investors with AUM (assets under management) over USD 500 million will seek 10% returns.

So, why do family offices become great investors, and how can you attract them as angel investors for startups

Let’s unravel the secret. 

Business Savvy with Extensive Experience: 

Family offices comprise skilled professionals with extensive experience. Many family offices also offer wealth management services, giving them an edge in the market. Moreover, family offices have more parent capital, enabling them to spread and diversify their capital allocation. 

Well-Established Investment Structure:

Family offices are seasoned investors with tailor-made and established investment structures. Furthermore, their internal operations comprise fund managers, trust and tax specialists, real estate professionals, senior bankers, and more. This extensive expertise helps them take a robust investment approach and make intelligent investments that give profits.

Innovative and Socially Responsible Mindset:

Family offices may come off as traditional and old-school, but they are innovative investors who constantly look for new ways to grow their capital. Many family offices have diversified their portfolios in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing. They adopt a socially responsible mindset and prioritize investments in the ESG space. Young professionals are a part of these offices who are increasingly conscious of sustainability. More importantly, since environment-friendly or green businesses are multiplying, family-owned businesses are in a position to generate significant profits. 

Diversity and Flexibility:

A diversified and flexible investment approach is another reason family-owned businesses make great investors. Instead of putting all their eggs in one basket, family offices allocate their assets in various areas. Most family offices place their holdings in traditional asset classes. One-third of family office investments go into equities, and 18% go to private equity. Real estate is another popular investment option among family offices. 

How to Convince Family Offices to Invest in Your Business?

If you’re looking for angel investors for startups, getting in touch with platforms facilitating a startup ecosystem is advisable. These platforms have extensive connections and directories for entrepreneurs to contact the correct investors, including family offices. 

Today, family-owned businesses have become quite prominent among entrepreneurs as investors. These businesses aim to capitalize on innovative investment opportunities. Therefore, startup owners looking for investment partners or stakeholders should consider engaging family offices. 

Here’s how you can attract investment from family offices. 

Understand Their Interests and Align with Them:

Family offices invest in businesses that align with their needs. As discussed, family offices have a socially responsible mindset, and they make investments that enhance their reputation. Find a way to link your business with their objectives, and impressing them will be easier.

Attract Investors Instead of Chasing Them:

The holy grail of convincing family offices to invest in your business is not to chase them. Family-owned companies are asked for money all the time, and they come across various pitch decks daily. Instead of asking them to invest in your business, show them what they’ll get in return by putting money in your company.

Demonstrate Leadership and Management:

Last, show the investors that you’re capable of handling all the business operations by yourself. Unlike traditional angel investors who want decision-making power, family offices may not desire any involvement. But to attract them, you’ll need to show them that you have the leadership and management skills required to manage the business.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for angel investors to invest in your startup, consider family offices. They have higher investment capacity and are more reliable than individual investors. However, family offices could be challenging to attract, so be sure to align your pitch with their needs. 

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