What are hurricane impact windows?

Impact windows combine a heavy-duty frame with impact-resistant laminated glass that considers an advanced low-emissivity coating. They are fashioned to withstand high winds and impact from objects. Making them far less likely to burst, even from direct blows. Being able to hold up impact is crucial, as a shattered window is the last thing you want during a cyclone.

Single/Double Hung Impact Windows

Single and Double-Hung impact windows are some of the best hurricane impact windows on the market. The ‘single’ and ‘double’ refer to the number of sashes on the window that slide upward and downwards.  A single-hung window will only have one serviceable sash, while a Double-Hung window will have two.  Single and double-hung windows are also some of the most variable and design. Friendly alternatives available and come in various colors, permitting a homeowner to perfectly match the desired aesthetic of their home. The real genius of these windows is they are basic, elegant, and easy to integrate into any design.

Casement Impact Windows

One great benefit of Casement impact windows is that they swing up on a hinge. And can move vertically as well as horizontally. This is ideal choice for a homeowner, as it supplies the choice of opening the door and window either partially or fully.  Opening the window partially lets in a breeze to enter the home, while blocking debris and lawn cartridge clips.  Meantime, opening the window fully permits for maximum ventilation.

Casement windows are also known for their safety, and have hardy locks and solid frames.  They perform very well against wicked weather, so utilizing impact glass in a Casement window renders an extra layer of protection.  Thankfully, Casement windows are also consider one of the best hurricane impact windows, and can be mixed, matched and bespoken according to a homeowner’s pallet.

Sliding Impact Windows

Sliding windows are combined with two windows, one fixed, the other fashioned to slide horizontally.  These windows can be ideal for homes with low upper surfaces. And conveniently necessitate no interior space to open and close together. For a homeowner, using impact glass in a Sliding window provides the esthetic appeal of a pure Slider, without the fear of window shatter.  All of these best hurricane impact windows come equipped with a range of features.

When narrowing down the list of impact windows to regard for your home, highlighting those that have passed this test is a good spot to begin. Installing new impact windows finally results in raised resale value, improved security and stronger weather protection. We offer a wide variety of impact windows and hurricane windows that exceed industry standardized protocols including:

  • Triple-pane laminated glass
  • Stainless steel reinforced attachment points
  • Two heavy-duty cam sweep locks
  • High-performance Low-E coating and argon gas between the glass panes to block damaging UV rays, making sure the highest energy efficiency possible
  • Insulated foam wrap around the frame aiding reduce air infiltration

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installation of our beautiful, tough impact windows, contact us now.

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