5 Termite Prevention Tips for Every Home

Termites or any other pest are unwanted guests for any homeowner. They cause damage to our homes. In homes did you ever find the small piles of wood dust assemble under your sofa or bed or any other place? They are surely the sign of termite infestation. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 termite prevention tips for every home.

Once the termite enters your home and if they start damaging your wall or wooden areas in the home, it becomes really difficult to get rid of them just because of their tiny size.  To get rid of termites and other pests, calling the Pest control Langley frequently is the best solution for you to save from a lot of trouble.

The main reason why termites are difficult to deal with is that they can’t be detected until they have done a large number of damage and set up large colonies. It is better to call for a pest controller to get rid of the termites as thousands of termites live together in colonies and are difficult to get rid of at once without the help of a pest controller. If you find any presence of termites at your home, then you must take a few termites prevention measures immediately.

Here is the list of top 5 termite prevention tips for every home through which if you follow to get rid of termites.

Termite prevention tips for every homeowner

1. Decluttering

Decluttering is one of the most important things to get rid of termites. Whether you called the professional pest controller for the treatment of termite or bed bugs treatment, you must carry out things that are of no more use in the house. Throughout the papers, magazines, cardboard and useless paper as they are the best place for termites to attack and make their colonies. If you find any termite in one of your rooms, don’t take that room furniture to any other room of your house.

2. Give sunlight to things attacked by termites

Termites attack the furniture as well and if you see any furniture attack by termites, keep them in direct sunlight for at least three days. This termite tip works well in summer due to the hot season.

As termites can’t stand in the sunlight due to its heat. By doing this the sunlight heat will kill the termite and remove the moisture from the furniture, like termites and many other pests love moisture any attack the areas where there are moistures. Before bringing back the furniture to the room kept in mind to spray them. You can do this to other furniture in the house too to keep them termite-free.

3. Spray on the wood before painting

During construction or renovation kept in mind to must spray the furniture or wooden part of the home to spray or call the pest controller to come and spray completely before painting or polishing your wooden furniture and wooden areas in your home to get rid of termites and pest for a long time. The spray socks in the wood and once it dried. you can paint and polish them. While doing this you can get rid of termites for a long time.

4. Distance between soil and wood

Many of us have a garden in our homes, make sure that there should be a distance between the soil and the wood. There should be at least an 18-inch distance between the soil and the wood. by doing this it will be less chance for termites to attack your homes. You can use the stone to separate soil from the wooden area, especially in your garden to create a physical barrier to termites.

5. Moisture and termite prevention tips for every home 

Moisture is one of the most favorite parts of any pest i.e., cockroaches or termites.it is the main reason that attracted by any kind of pests including termites in your home. Try to get rid of the moisture in your home. In summer you can switch on the air conditioner on and off during the day to maintain the cool temperature in the home and remove excess moisture from the air indoors.

If termites have already attacked your home, call the pest control Burnaby to check a thorough inspection and get termite control treatment done in your home. After having the termite treatment in your home, try to maintain your home. Do a deep clean by cleaning your furniture regularly with neem oil to keep termites away from the home. Termite can also be controlled with Do It Yourself measures.




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