How To Fix Display Driver Failed To Start Error

Here is the complete guide to Fix Display Driver Failed To Start Error

Graphics Card Driver fails to start a notification. Reasons for failure are outdated versions, driver crashes and many more.Before discussing the failure of Display Driver. Let us know what a Display Driver is. Display driver is used for using your video card. 

If you know the causes of a problem, fixing it becomes a smooth ride. Therefore, we share the same below.

Causes Of The Error

  • Multiple programs running at same time.
  • Timeout Issues With GPU.
  • Overheating GPU.

Let us discuss the fixes of the problem.

Fixes For The Display Driver Failed To Start Error

Fix 1: Display Driver Reinstallation

If the Display Driver is not safeguard by update, then Reinstall the Display Driver to fix the issue. Also you can download the driver updater for windows 10 to complete the task easily.

Now follow the steps to reinstall the graphics driver in Windows 10.

  • Click on Device Managers, extend Display Adapters. Now right-click on the graphics hardware name, then press uninstall.
  • After viewing the confirmation dialog, Press the OK button. In case, reboot is required. After completing the uninstall process, restart your computer.
  • Run the installer, after downloading the updated version of display driver from graphics hardware manufacturer’s official website or from your PC. Follow the instructions  to install the driver.

Fix 2: Regulate Timeout Detection and Recovery Registry Value to Increase GPU Processing

If you modify the registry wrongly, there might be chances that a serious problem arises. So, be careful while following the steps. Take a backup registry, in case any problem arises you can recover it.

  • Press Win + R keys together, to get the Run search bar. Type Regedit and  Press OK to open Registry Editor.
  • Search to and then press the following registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers
  • In the right-pane, hit the right-click on the blank space from the Edit menu. Click new, then choose registry value from the drop down menu related to your version.

In case 32- Bit operating system is running, then follow the steps given below:

  •   Select the DWORD (32 Bit) value.
  •  Type TdrDelay and Press Enter.
  •    Hit Double-click TdrDelay and add 8 for the value data and Click OK.

In case the 64-Bit Operating System is running. Follow the steps given below:

  • Select the QWORD (64-BIt) value.
  • Type TdrDelay as the Name and Press Enter. 
  • Press double-click on TdrDelay and add 8 for the Value data and Click OK. 
  • Restart your system and check if the problem is solved

If you still find the problem then delete the added TdrDelay and reboot your computer.

Fix 3: Scan PC for Malware

There are two reasons for malware:

  • Display Driver failed to Start Error.
  • Fake Display Driver failed to Start Error leads to phishing.

Run a scan, if a malware is found. Remove it right away, then restart your computer and check if the problem is still arising.

Fix 4: Without Losing Personal Data Reset Windows 10

The steps mentioned below will help to not to lose data:

  1. Press  Search the web Windows box in the TaskBar.
  2. Write Reset.   
  3. Choose Reset this Pc.
  4. Now Choose to get started.
  5. Choose Keep my keys.
  6. After the reset process is complete, the computer will start again.

Fix 5: GPU Radiator Cleaning

Problem arises due to overheating the GPU. If it is dusted the chances of overheating increases.

Clean the GPU radiator and check if the error still persists.


Reinstalling will definitely solve the issue. In case, still the problem arises following the measures given above. If you have a better solution , mention it in the comment section.

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