A Microneedling Procedure For Dark Skin?

Do you prefer a DIY treatment with rolling tiny needles on your skin to make it better? If yes, then you might lead your skin to a disaster in reality. Do you know that it could make your skin more prone to dark spots and scars? If you have a little idea about the outcomes of using a roller over your skin, then stop using it now. It also involves the use of tiny needles on your facial skin. But, when done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, the results would become favorable. There is a myth about microneedling that it is best to avoid people with darker complexions. But, it is only a misconception that is going to burst in this article.

What did it do to the skin?

Well, you must be snooping to know its benefits and risks for your skin. But, before you know them, it is good to get insight into what the procedure really does to the skin. The process of microneedling utilizes small needles to puncture the skin. It aims to create a proper channel to rejuvenate the skin itself. The small injuries enable the skin to heal itself by producing collagen to improve its quality and complexion. According to experts, it is fairly a valuable treatment for individuals having acne scars, large pores, and sun pigmentation, etc. The whole process aims at natural collagen production into the skin that is best for its overall wellness.

Is microneedling safe for darker skin complexions?

It would be right to say that it is a misconception. But, it is valid to a certain extent. Microneedling uses a device to puncture the skin that can make the skin dark. But as per experts, every time the blood is drawn from the skin would leave a scar behind. In the case of microneedling, it works to penetrate the dermis to stimulate collagen production. But, the needles of microneedling are very small that cannot cause trauma to the skin. However, it is vital to get the treatment by a certified dermatologist to prevent any risk during and after the procedure.

What happens during the microneedling procedure?

Before commencing with the process, the dermatologist will apply a numbing agent to your face. The cream or lotion in topical form would lessen the feeling of pain during the treatment. The pen-like device is embedded with multiple tiny needles that will be moved across the skin. However, in the case of dark skin, the cosmetic specialist would follow the procedure with the controlled heat of the microneedling device. It is essential to prevent the effects of heat on the dark skin further. As mentioned earlier, it is a great deal to look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to get the treatment. It could make a huge difference when the surgeon is inexperienced in fulfilling the procedure of microneedling effectively.

What experts’ advice about microneedling dark skin treatment?

The foremost thing is that you must not get disappointed by relying on the myth that microneedling is only meant for bright skins. It is absolutely a way to degrade you that is not good for your health and life. However, if you believe in accepting the advice of experts’ advice, you should get multiple sessions of microneedling. It is advised not to act insistently to get the results with one session only. Hence, the use of the device aggressively across your skin could make it irritating. So, if you are willing to achieve desired outcomes, you must consider multiple sessions of this skin rejuvenation procedure. Microneedling is expected to show visible results on darker complexions when done light-handed. So, it is good to get the sessions with an interval of 4 weeks. During intermissions, stay away from the home-based skin-puncturing devices to prevent incorrect results. The DIY tools only acclaim to deliver professional results but, in reality, are not feasible. Using them might result in skin damaging that could cause expensive and longer treatment to get into standard form.

What to expect after microneedling on darker skin?

Once the collagen induction therapy is done on your skin, it will produce results like other skins. However, it could make your face look visibly red after the procedure. But, there is no minimal downtime as you can resume normal activities after the treatment. But, it is highly recommended to prevent your skin from sun exposure. Darker skin is more prone to pigmentation so you must avoid physical work that produces heavy sweating. The use of sun protection lotions is highly recommended for dark skins to prevent sun damage. You can find the best-quality SPF formula in the market to apply to your skin. It will deeply absorb into your skin and won’t make it look pasty and sticky.

Get flawless skin after microneedling

It is certain to achieve the expected outcomes with this collagen production procedure, so you can get flawless skin. It will diminish the fine lines and wrinkles and give a new life to your skin. Despite the dark complexion, you can visibly experience a glow on the skin that you admire. It will also eradicate spots of acne and scars etc. to deliver you smooth skin surface.

Anti-aging glow

What could make it more joyful to have an anti-aging skin glow? The combination of regular microneedling treatment and the vitamin C serums will serve the goal, and it will let your skin demolish the visible signs of aging and give it a youthful glow.

The Final Summary

Microneedling dark skin is not a curse but a boon for sure. You do not need to worry a little while getting this treatment as it would provide exceptional results. You must consult with Beverly Hills Med Spa microneedling expert for the best consultation and treatment.


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