Vitamin C Serum: A Complete Guide to The Best Practices to Apply in Skin

Of all the vitamins you have come across or tried, vitamin C has enjoyed its awesome status for the longest time. Whether you are a new person to a beauty or an expert, you must have heard of antioxidants and their benefits for the skin. The best vitamin C serum improves your skin, repairs and protects without relying on your body’s stores of it. Every serum is different because of its concentration, formulation and ingredients and even the bottle of serum that can affect the benefits you will get from the product. But there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the ingredient and things that can help make it more effective and your skin look healthier. Here are some lists of a complete guide to the best practices to apply vitamin C to the skin.

What is vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant property that neutralizes the radicals that aids in the skin natural regeneration process like reducing hyperpigmentation, repairing damaged skin, brightening the complexion, and reducing ageing. In other words, vitamin C serum is the key to the even complexion of skin and for smooth and glowing skin. The amount of vitamin C properties that you take in your diet may not guarantee benefits for the skin. Vitamin C is best to feed the skin directly with the topical form like powder or serum. It helps you to reap the skin advantages of vitamin C directly.

What to look for in vitamin C Serum:

This can appear on the ingredients label as some different names which are the most effective for your skin. The sweet spot for concentration level is 10 to 20 per cent. You definitely need a concentration that is higher than 8 to 9 per cent effective. But going with 20 per cent will lead to irritation and does not increase its benefit. Vitamin E stabilizes vitamin C serum for maximum skin protection. Another antioxidant called glutathione is also the best pal to vitamin C.

Packaging- exposure to light, air and heat can degrade your serum. Look for a product that comes with dark glass featuring a medicine dropper delivery or an air pump.

What will it do to your skin?

The skin is exposed daily, so the best vitamin C serum in India helps to stimulates collagen production to help smoothen the skin and plump and also helps to improve the skin healing process, reduces inflammation and pigmentation. Vitamin C already occurs naturally in your skin. Applying it topically can help to replenish existing levels from further repair and damage keeps your skin healthy, strong and glowing for a longer period.

Does it work for all skin types?

One of the most asked questions about vitamin C is whether it causes pimples or peeling skin. The answer to this question is that irritation is unlikely to occur according to skin type. It benefits all skin types and skin care concerns from wrinkles and loss of firmness and dullness to dark spots.

Best practices to apply vitamin C serum:

Vitamin C Serum

The better time to apply your best vitamin C serum is in the morning after cleansing your face and before moisturizing application. Think of its providing antioxidants defence for your face before facing the demands of the day. Wait for some time before applying sunscreen or moisturizer to your skin. The important note is no need to apply vitamin C serum simultaneously as applying retinol serum. The vitamin C will damage the vitamin A that they don’t deliver their expected results. Instead of that, use both vitamin A and B at night time. Also, remember that some serums take weeks to give awesome results, so you need to be patient, waiting for the benefits of vitamin C serum on your skin.

Which are the best?

The vitamin C that packs the biggest punch comes in the serum form, although you can also try the moisturizer infused with the ingredients and cleansers. The most effective combine vitamin C with the other antioxidants like vitamin E, so keep an eye out for those as well as on ingredients labels. You will find most of the formulas housed in dark packaging to preserve the ingredient, and this will often depend on how the serum is formulated.

Using serum the right way:

Many advantages of using vitamin C serum for face helps to shield from the harmful effects of smoking, pollution UV radiation which hasten the signs of ageing and dullness on your face and body. The topical vitamin C serum is also a good ingredient against pigmentation as it affects the skin’s melanin production. Vitamin C serum helps to stimulate the formation of collagen, which will deteriorate over the period.

Bottom line:

Finally, vitamin C serum gives you a daily dose of beauty for healthy and naturally glowing skin. Just pay attention to which product you need to apply vitamin C and you will see and love the results on your face.

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