1. What is Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower is a fun and wacky fast-paced platformer game released in 2023 by developer Tour De Pizza. Nintendo took creative inspiration from Wario Land’s series of games.

The game is about a chef named Peppino Spaghetti, a bald and fat Italian. He very agile and strong and is trying to save his restaurant from the danger of collapsing. The reason is Pizzaface will use laser to destroy the building.

Peppino manages to get past the giant Pizza Tower and climb to the top of the building to defeat him. A sentient and extremely cruel pizza that threatened Peppino making him feel scared and angry.

You will transform into chef Peppino, in turn, uncovering fascinating mysteries when conquering twenty main floors of the game. It divide equally into five tower floors, each floor has four levels. More especially the battle with the boss at the end of each level is worth looking forward to.

The battle scene revolves around the Pizza Tower. Which is a side-scrolling game that makes you always feel nervous. Because each level is a different interesting topic with the creative arrangement. As furniture, colors, objects, and weather such as forest, sea, desert, and factory.

Sometimes weird themes and horrors like sewers, freezers, dungeons…etc.

2. How to play Pizza Tower?

Peppino will destroy everything on his way to the top of the tower. Including defeating monster enemies or anything that gets in his way even stupid rats or weird vegetables. In the process, a bald chef will also collect items to earn points. It increases combos and bonuses.



The main character has fast movement abilities when running, scrolling, rolling, jumping, and sliding. The longer he runs the more he accelerates and he can run on walls or dash through enemies and objects. Including blocks very hard stones or bars to get through new rooms.

There are also fun abilities such as mocking. Where he will pose to provoke his enemies, making the fight more interesting.

When interacting with any enemy or object. Peppino’s transformation can increase strength such as knight armor, roller barrels, rockets, shotguns, and more. There are also alternate players like Gustavo and Brick, who have an incredible double jump ability.

The game can unlock colorful suits and fun textures when the combos collected are satisfactory.


Each level contains mysterious Obstacles. Peppino needs to rescue five toppings and unlock the final fierce boss battle in each level. The player needs to find the treasure locked behind the door. Only the gatekeeper Gerome can open and reveal. Find three rooms that contain challenges, pass, and get bonus points.

At the end of the levels, the player must destroy a stone pillar with a grumpy face. That will trigger “Pizza time”. Which will return you to the entrance for a countdown to finish.

The original path will completely change. The opened roads will close. The roads lock will reopen and spawn more enemies to stop you. Pizzaface will soon track down and asked to start over.

Only when he reaches the entrance can he receive bonus points.

Winter level


In the end, players will receive a ranking by the letters: D, C, B, A, S, and P. It corresponds to the number of points and the accompanying achievements they have achieved. Unlike other traditional games, the difficulty depends on the player’s choice.

The player will not be injured if hit, then you lose points. The combination will be difficult to maintain. Only in the boss round, this does not apply. As Peppino has a power bar and he will die on maximum hit.

3. Interesting point of the game Pizza Tower:


The Pizza Tower soundtrack was composed by Ronan de Castel & under the pseudonym ClascyJitto. This is a bright spot, attracting players and making it explode.

De Castel loved this game and composed demo music emailed to McPig, although for him composing music is just a passion. But then McPig invited him to join the project. So amazing, it sounds crazy and dynamic that fits this game well. He got his first sheet of music published, and he was surprised at how well his music was received.

Clascy Jitto was also invited to collaborate when McPig listened to his remixes of De Castel’s music.
The background music has a ghostly, crazy, and energetic style. With a long list of tracks played at each level of play. It will probably make you dance while playing the game.

Unique background and character design

With a cartoon style from the main character to the monster names, the supporting characters are all designed to look silly and eccentric. When combined with colorful screens, they are very creative and outstanding to other games of the same genre.

Especially Peppino, the image of the chef looks very funny, sometimes scared, sometimes madly angry in games. Until he becomes an anime character with a solid body and stands out with fast speed. Unbelievable with many offensive and defensive techniques.

Pizza time

So hurry! The final countdown

It’s definitely “It Pizza time”, players will feel scared, nervous, and have goosebumps but full of excitement. When it comes to this moment because if they don’t hurry back to the entrance, they will have to start over levels. A horrible thing that no player wants.

It’s one of the most attractive of the game forcing you to use all your skills for this last round.

4. Pizza Tower’s development journey

After five years of testing, Pizza Tower has released the most complete version. Tour de Pizza independently designed this product. Sponsored by Patreon. Talented designer McPig has been following this project since the beginning. The game is inspired by Wario Land, but it’s even better than that.

This game will bring us back to the old days because it is created with a cartoon style of the 90s when many people grew up playing Game Boy and GBA. High-resolution pixel art modeled after SpongeBob SquarePants and French comics.More surprising is that the speed of this game can be on par with super-fast Sonic games.

In addition, the unique name Pizza Tower was born from the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.

5. Specifications required to download Pizza Tower:

Memory: 512 MB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867
File size: 300 MB
Operating System: Windows 7
Price: $19.99

It is released for Windows via Steam on January 26, 2023

Peppino & boss

6. Get the coveted P-Rank with the secret:

This is not an easy victory, but it is a fun challenge that every player wants to achieve the highest P rating, with the following secrets:
– Satisfactory score in S-rank
– Pass three rooms containing challenges
– Collect treasures
– Complete the last round of each level in a single pass
– When the player fighting with the boss, you must dodge all the attacks and not get hurt once.
All of the above requirements are done only once together.

7. Feedback by an expert about Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower has made an unbelievable breakthrough with very positive reviews from experts.

PC Gamer’s Scott McCrae gave it a 90/100% rating. He praised it as an impossibly Wario Land-inspired anthem with its wacky nature and silly soundtrack. -“But to my eyes, it did. overshadowed it, it takes what made the series so great and expands it tenfold”.

Esquire hails Pizza Tower as the best game of 2023 for him.

According to IGN: “It’s one of the coolest and freshest side-scrolling games I’ve played in recent memory. Showcasing an unforgettable unique art style, excellent animations, and incredibly platforming rewarding. It is great creative level design, fun sense of humor”.

It also received a rain of praise from reviewers:
Rock Paper Shotgun, The Game Hoard, PixelDie, WayTooManyGames, Game Chronicles, The Webster Journal,

Forest level

8. Summary

If you’re a fan of the old 2D platformers or a fan of Wario Land and have an enthusiasm for old Sonic games. Don’t wonder “should I play it?”, but plan on “when to play it?”.

And if you are not interested in this type of game, give it a try, because this game is a masterpiece.

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