The Changes We Need to See for the Current Higher Education Model

Students across the UK have no shortage of problems and issues to handle. Some include essay writing & dissertation writing. Others may involve higher stress levels. And more importantly, their struggle with poor grades. But one serious factor we think needs more attention is the current state of higher education globally. That’s right! Our essay writing service believes that there are major problems brewing that students will need to deal with in the future. For instance, the costs of tuition fees, increases in student debt, the disconnect between employability and higher education, and even the poor approach of the education model itself.

That’s why we’re taking an analytical look at the topic. First, we’ll evaluate the problems you need to know about higher education. Then, we’ll analyze some of the proposed solutions by leaders like the World Economic Forum. That way, you’ll always stay ahead of any changes in the UK education system.

So, without any delays, let’s talk about higher education in the country!

The Problems with the Current Education Model

As mentioned above, there are some distressing facts about the current state of education and academia globally. On the one hand, there’s a huge disconnect between employability and higher education. And on the other, we have increasing costs. But those are only a few of the issues! The others include poorer quality learning, thanks to a one-size-fits-all model. And increased stress levels that students face. So, it’s clear that we have major problems. However, we don’t have to examine the data to confirm it. Instead, we can simply rely on public perception alone.

Let’s closely analyze a few of the most important issues before we move on to the proposed solutions.

1. Employability and Education

According to current research, there is an ever-increasing need for new skills in the workforce. But, unfortunately, the education model in the UK doesn’t teach them to students. As a result, most enter the workforce while constantly pursuing newer skill sets.

2. Costs of Education

Students have to pay extremely high fees to attend classes at a prestigious institution. As a result, most just take on a loan that they pay back later. However, this is a major problem because it adds to student debt.

3. Education Model

Finally, we have the current education model, where students face many learning issues. This is because it’s designed as a standard course everyone takes at the same pace. But unfortunately, most students don’t learn that way. Instead, research shows that many actually learn better at their own pace if they spend more time on concepts they struggle with.

Overcoming the Problems with Higher Education

Now that you understand the issues with higher education in the UK, we can look at a few globally proposed solutions. Our essay writing service has compiled these ideas by world leaders and educators into a simple list.

New Education Institution – The Next Model for Global Higher Education

There is only one solution to the current issues we face with the UK and global education systems. We have to come up with a newer model that addresses them! It seems obvious, of course. But that’s where the proposal for the New Education Institution comes from.

The NEI is a new academic model proposed that addresses each issue students face at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. And it is a fascinating idea, according to our essay writing service.

Here’s how it works:

The (NEI) New Education Institution Approach – Structure

The NEI works as a primary residential learning facility where students will learn using the “flipped classroom” model. This educational approach focuses on digital presentations. But the focus soon shifts to discussions, lab work, coaching, and hands-on problem-solving in person.

In addition, the NEI will also focus on partnering with other similar institutions. This will allow for a more cooperative learning program focusing on student growth. The partnerships will include several benefits, such as diversity in options and opportunities, as well as a semester structure that allows breaks for students.

The new education institution model also proposes and promotes freeform learning. They plan to implement micro-credentials students earn by taking different classes and courses throughout their semester. This allows students to pick and choose their path forward while learning at their own pace. In addition, it allows them to pick up the skills and knowledge they deem necessary for their future progression and careers.

Why Freeform and Flipped Learning?

The problem with education is massive. People are not learning, paying too much, and even dropping out. Thankfully, that’s what the freeform and flipped approach tries to address.

These models allow students to develop independent skills while focusing on what they want to learn. As a result, they don’t fall behind as they will in the standard education model. It also allows teachers to bostancı escort focus on creating engaging lessons without spending too much time introducing newer topics.

How Can Students Address Issues Before the Change?

Now you know about the global movement toward improving the education system. But what can students do in the meantime before the implementation of the New Education Institute model? How can you tackle the issues with the education system?

That’s a good question!

There are several steps students should take to overcome the issues on their own. After all, it will be a while before the education system changes. So, students will still need to deal with the skill gap, poor education system, and costs.

Here’s what you can try according to our essay writing service:

1. Learn New Skills

The first step is closing the skill gap! That’s what most students need to do while in college and university. This will help you adapt to the constant changes in the workforce. Some important skills you can try include the following:

  • General Computer Knowledge
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Emailing
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Project management
  • Industry knowledge

2. Beat the Current System

You can’t necessarily escape the current education system just yet. But you can improve how you work to manage your essays, assignments, and skill learning. How? By using tools that you need for essay help UK! For example, an essay writing service or a viva tool that lets you prepare and free up time. That way, you’ll always be ready for the curve balls the current education system throws your way. Then, you can dedicate time to improving and acquiring the skills you need to progress.

These tools are also cheap. So, they should also help you keep costs down while you manage your financial situation.


The overall goal for every student should be to achieve success. But the current education system in the UK presents many problems that they need to overcome. Thankfully, there are efforts to change the overall flow with new progression methods like the NEI and the World Economic Forum’s education research. We hope you enjoyed learning about the future of education in the UK with our essay writing service. And we encourage you to try to close the skill gap as quickly as possible.

If you need more support with education tools and guides, don’t worry! Just head over to our website! We’ll show you ways to handle the current education system and overcome student problems.

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