9 Beach Hairstyles Trending Right Now

Beach Hairstyles

Are you looking for the perfect hairstyles for a beach vacation? Get ready to pamper yourself with a relaxing beach time with these 9 phenomenal trendy beach hairstyles.

A diverse range of hairstyles is trending on the internet, and who doesn’t love diversity, especially when it comes to hairstyles? But. Some of the hairstyles require extra length and volume to get it perfect but hey! It’s all good. Beyond Extensions let you try out any style you wish to wear; if the dimension is what you need, they have the right extensions for you. 

Embrace your journey to utopia in style with these easy-breezy hairstyles that will take you to a new level. 

1. Beach hairstyles: long Mermaid Waves 

The long mermaid wave is gaining momentum, wherein celebrities like Zandaya to Kylie Jenner are already keeping up with the trend. You could make it your signature hairstyle with a little personal touch-up. 

You can add extensions for longer and more visible mermaid waves and use a hair weaver. A multi-tonal Dark Golden Brown from the classic collection by Beyond Extensions will give you a lowlight and highlight that will provide additional dimensions to your hair. 

Take a walk by the beach as you get immersed in the calm sea waves looking like a walking goddess. 

2. Double Dutch Braids 

How about you revisit your innocent and lively childhood days on the beach with cute double dutch braids grabbing everyone’s attention? A flower accessory would seamlessly match the vibes. 

Those nostalgic feelings will make you feel loved and valued, stimulating your mood. Your next beach vacation can be the right time to relive those precious moments.  

Divide your hair in half, braid the sides into a dutch braid from the root to the tip of your hair, and repeat for the other part to get a lovely dutch braids style.

If you are going for a vibrant look, a highlight will look great on you. You can add one extension on each side of the head. The Light Blonde, the lightest shade from the Beyond Extensions, will be the best highlight for darker hair. 

3. Mid-Length Bob Beach Hairstyles

Have you been able to keep up with the Kardashians? If it’s about trends, they are a perfect choice. The bob hairstyle is one of the evergreen hairstyles that have been rocking any look throughout the century.

The Kourtney Kardashian mid-length bob hairstyle was the talk of the town, and this particular hairstyle is one of the classical hairstyles and is still popular today. Trendy beach hairstyles that are just made for you. 

You can slay the simple casual look of a mid-length bob by trimming your Beyond Extensions by a few inches. Apply user-friendly hair gel to get the wet mid-length bob to uplift your look. 

4. Braided Tendrils

The braided tendrils have been making their debut from the red carpet to social media and can be your beach hairstyles. This effortless hairstyle showcases your cheekbones, and you can flaunt your makeup. 

The two micro braids sculpt your face giving off a model look, and you can make those beaches your runway. 

If you are inspired by Gigi Hadid’s legendary look, which went viral for slaying the runway for Jacquemus when she was already a few months pregnant, you can also do it. 

Get those looks up your sleeve using the Ginger Blonde by Beyond Extensions, and guess what? Your look could be even better with the braided tendrils. 

5. Neat Bun

You might want an Instagram-worthy beach picture, and there is no better place than the beach to flaunt those gorgeous bodies. Keep your hair away from all the hustle and bustle of your life with a neat bun. 

It is one of the most effortless beach hairstyles, where you make ponytails, twist them, and secure them with a couple of hairpins. 

You can give your bun some volume with a few pieces of Beyond Extensions to look stylish but casual. So, you may have your photographer ready because it will be one massive photoshoot. 

6. Half-Tied Beach Hairstyles

Wondering where your other half is? You might find your other half with your hair half-tied while walking by the beach, romantic!

Take the small piece of hair from both sides of the head, twist it, tie them together, and style it with a scarf to complete the look. Try out Beyond Extensions for a fuller half-tied look.  

Your beach vacation will be worth millions or even billions of dollars! Cause everybody wants to be a billionaire, as in somebody to you in the song by Vamps, but this hairstyle might also want to be somebody to you. 

7. Braided ponytails

Are you looking forward to joining the Ariana Grande ponytail trend but seeking more savageness? The braided ponytail will grant you that little savageness you crave and still allow you to be trendy. 

If you’re planning to get into those mesmerizing seas, have a gentle water fight with your friends, and make it memorable the braided ponytails are perfect beach hairstyles.

Choose a darker Beyond Extensions for the fierce look you aim for, and be ready to win that water fight. 

8. Fishtails Beach Hairstyles

Here is another cute hairstyle you can add to your beach hairstyles list; the fishtail braids look best when it is voluminous and styled with hair accessories. 

You can have a  gorgeous Ariel-inspired fishtail braids hairstyle with Auburn shades from Beyond Extensions.  

It also lets your collarbone have its moment by keeping the hair out of its way, to intensify the look pair it with a beautiful pearl necklace or any other necklace you have. 

9. Your Natural hairstyles

The charm of untamed natural hairstyles is unbeatable, but trying a different hairstyle complements your looks. 

You might like to have a bit of tan to commemorate your beach vacation, but you may protect your fabulous hair with the Beyond Hair Protectant spray.

Get those laid-back but chic looks by styling your natural hair with a scarf for extra protection from those UV rays. Natural beach hairstyles are a great way to relax and enjoy while staying by the side of one of the powerful forces of nature. 


Hairstyle trends are up and gone; however, these beach hairstyles will not leave soon. These 9 trendy beach hairstyles come in versatile forms, so everyone can have at least one hairstyle ready to pitch on their beach vacation. 

The Beyond Extensions bring these hairstyles to life with their multi-tonal shades and a multi-range length that you can choose for those romantic longer beach hairstyles

You can give these hairstyles a makeover that you prefer, and it will provide a better version of you, a new look for the vacations to refresh and get inspiration for your future activities. 

Have you found beach hairstyles that suit you perfectly? Try other Beyond Extensions and play around with the styles to get your favorite beach hairstyles.

Want to know more about it read 6 Gorgeous Beach Hairstyles For Your Next Vacation. Buy now to find your dream extensions ready for your much-awaited beach vacations.

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