Tracking Your IRCTC Trains Online: A Quick Guide

Tracking your IRCTC Trains has never been easier. Here's a quick guide for tracking all your train related information.

The Indian railway system is getting better every day, and now you can even use track my train service for the exact position of the trains. To spot a train is to know its actual location and the running status. The use of railway enquiry apps and websites provides access to this service. If you want to know a train’s most up-to-date whereabouts, these apps will deliver you the same with the highest accuracy.

Many tools are available to monitor a train’s current location and progress online, thanks to services like RailMitra. Details such as the expected arrival and departure times, train routes, platform numbers, and delays at various stations are listed.

Real-Time Train Tracking Service

The real-time train operating status is very important to the customers of Indian Railways. Whenever you check it, you’ll know exactly where your train is. If you check the real-time train schedule, you can better plan your trip by learning about all the stations. Passengers who must transfer trains will also benefit from having access to real-time information about those trains’ locations and schedules.

You should look at its current operating status to know where your train is and how fast it’s going. It’s a handy tool for monitoring your train’s movement. You may now check the PNR status of your train in real-time via an app or one of the several Indian Rail websites.

Here’s an overview of live train status monitoring:

  • Total distance known: How far the train will travel overall is revealed.
  • Streamlined journey planning: Allows for less stressful planning and execution of trips by providing real-time updates on train arrival and delay times.
  • Stopover at an intermediate station: This tells us exactly when we’ll stop and how long we’ll be there.
  • Boarding location details: Where-to-board location details are provided in real-time via live status updates. Correct information regarding the arrival of a certain train at a given boarding station is helpful.
  • Platform specified: Checking a train’s real-time status provides peace of mind for those anticipating its arrival at a specific platform. Because most train stops last only a few minutes, passengers benefit from being on the correct platform well in advance of the train’s arrival.

Essentials of Monitorings Online Train Position

When examining the current condition of the train, passengers should have all the pertinent details at their disposal.

Date of departure: Information on this crucial departure date is required. You may find your departure date on the ticket that IRCTC issues you for your trip.

Train specifications: It is crucial to know the exact name and number of the train you are booked on.

Destination details: Before setting out on a journey, you should know the details of the departure and arrival stations.

Benefits of Online Train Status for Travellers

You can use the “track my train” service to check a train’s current operating status. It helps to plan your route and ensure you get to your destination safely. Rail Mitra is well-known for providing passengers with more train services. It has a wealth of useful data for planning a trip on an Indian train. Among the many advantages are the following:

Better trip preparations

It’s important to prepare for any trip, no matter how short or lengthy. Passengers can better account for their plans if they know the train’s current operating state.

Facilitates transportation

Using “Rail Mitra” to check the current status of trains online allows us to estimate when the train will arrive at the station, which is useful for planning purposes. Additionally, it aids in offering a variety of other services.

Good time management

The ability to manage time well is essential throughout. You should aim to arrive early to board your train. If we know whether or not the train is operating, we can make timely preparations for our journeys.

Planned pick-ups

The train position can be useful if you need to pick up a friend or family member at the station. The “Rail Mitra” app also displays the current standstill time and the travel time to the past several stops. The app “Rail Mitra” will let you keep up with the latest information and plan accordingly.

Strategies for a Quick Trip

We could better organise a brief trip by checking the train schedule and locations online. It provides precise details about the train’s arrival and departure times, as well as the time it takes to travel from where passengers board to where passengers disembark.

Analysing the local/passenger train schedule

You can take Rail Mitra on any train, not just the ones that cost more or travel farther. Commuters relying on locals for their everyday commute benefit from this. The Rail Mitra app is a godsend for locals who rely on the train to get them to and from work each day.

How Does Indian Railway Estimate Time of Arrival?

A train’s ETA, or estimated arrival time, predicts when it will arrive at a given station. Based on past train schedules, Indian Railways uses artificial intelligence algorithms to estimate the arrival time. And trains need time to heal, too. It will compensate for the delays in the train’s arrival at the next station. To prepare adequately, check out the train companies’ websites and mobile apps.

Ways to Examine Train’s Position Online

Examine your Android device’s current train schedule and performance with the RailMitra App. Here are the measures to take to do this.

  1. The “RailMitra” app, available from the Google Play Store, must first be installed on your mobile device.
  2. Proceed to “Train Live Status” now.
  3. The next step in verifying the status of your train is to enter the train number in the appropriate column.
  4. The train’s name will show if you type in the proper train number. Double-check your number and retype it in the column if the train’s name doesn’t appear.
  5. Pick the day you want your train to depart.
  6. For the most recent status, click the “Live Status” button.
  7. You can even view the train’s timetable.

Conventional Method for Checking Train Availability

Occasionally, you might not have an Android phone, or the network might be down. Then, offline mode lets you learn about the train’s operational state.

Sending an SMS in this manner to the number 139 will provide the user with all of the necessary details.

  1. SPOT <Train Number>
  2. LOCATE <Train Number>.

Your phone number has been added to the train’s notification system.

What Makes Rail Mitra a Reliable Source of Train Updates?

As an interactive hub, Rail Mitra gives passengers access to all the data they may need before, during, and after their train trip.

  • All over the country, you can access this app whenever you need it. Rail Mitra strives to improve train travel so that its passengers can now enjoy it.
  • Thanks to its top-notch GPS and tracking mechanism, Rail Mitra provides accurate data on the whereabouts of trains.
  • To ensure that users always have access to the latest and greatest information, the Rail Mitra platform is constantly updated with the latest data.
  • The “Rail Mitra” app is quite useful since all you need to do is enter the train number and the programme will pull up the rest of the data for you.
  • The real-time GPS networks of phones used by Rail Mitra allow for more precise results.

Tracking the current location of all IRCTC trains in real time is helpful. The schedule, platform, stops, and other details for boarding and departing trains are all included.

Providing travellers with accurate and timely information is a top priority for Rail Mitra, as it wants to ensure you a pleasant and risk-free trip. It offers local train itinerary, fare enquiry, seat availability, Order Food On Train service etc., to help improve your frequent railway trip planning.

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