Essential Components Of A Modern Kitchen Design

A modern kitchen is one which combines elegance with functionality. Modern kitchens deviate from the old-style kitchens which are cluttered, claustrophobic and unsightly. The contemporary woman who works a full-time job needs to come home to a kitchen that offers unparalleled ease of access, flow and striking aesthetics. This is achieved through components that work seamlessly and synergistically with one another to make working in the kitchen blissful, instead of a chore. Modern cabinets are also incredibly eye-catching and perfect for those who love minimalistic and futuristic design philosophies. We have seen a popularity in the demand for modular kitchens in Goa for newer spaces as well as older projects. Families are saying yes to a modern lifestyle by upgrading their standard spaces to a fully-functional and sophisticated kitchen.

Here are some components of a modern kitchen that make it so alluring – 

The Latest Appliances

A modern kitchen relies heavily on systems that reduce strains and pains.  Anything that increases productivity and efficiency is included in your modern kitchen.

For example, an induction cooker is a modern alternative to the outmoded gas stove. Its sleek design and comparatively small dimensions make it superior to the clunky gas stove. For food storage, these kitchens often have versatile multi-function refrigerators. These streamlined refrigerators have unique features like temperature control and food compartment zones that make organizing your groceries hassle-free.

If you don’t like the tediousness of washing your dirty utensils, these kitchens will also have automatic dishwashers installed. This will simplify the washing process and reduce the struggle and annoyance of manual washing, which irritates a lot of people. Modern kitchens make cooking easier with appliances like air fryers, multi-cookers, blenders, coffee makers, food processors, toasters, and microwave ovens. Anything that saves time and decreases stress is a welcome addition. 

Elegant Cabinets

Cabinets in a kitchen are places where cutlery and utensils are stored. Modern cabinets are minimalistic in design. They have stunning finishes that can either be kept natural and grainy with veneers or glossy and matte depending upon your taste. Frosted glass and half-opaque glass are also used for style these days. Modern cabinets are modular, sliding and sleek, which showcase bold angles and simplicity. You can customize them to have any color and mood.

These cabinets are different from the awkward screeching cabinets of the past.  They are incredibly ergonomic and allow for easy access to your appliances and utensils, even allowing you to conceal and uncover them ergonomically

They also are designed with options to easily segregate kitchen items. This allows you to organize and work effortlessly and to make maximum use of the space inside them. Say hi to elegance and goodbye to clutter. Whether you own a vintage villa or a brand new project, the installation of modular assets like kitchen cabinets in Goa homes helps maximise the storage area and oozes with class in your spaces.

Brilliant Lighting

Modern kitchens are incredibly well-lit. Pendant lights are light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling and are commonly used to add flair and luminance to these kitchens. The lighting of these kitchen designs creates the illusion of space and openness.

They also have lighting that is attached systematically to make sure that the cabinets, countertop, sink and stove are all adequately illuminated. Generally, you won’t find any dark areas in modern kitchens unless it’s a personal or artistic preference. The bright lights and adequate lighting create a peppy atmosphere that’s really conducive for cooking as well as aesthetics.

Island Countertops and Stools

There’s nothing more refined than an island kitchen countertop. These island configurations can be used for a myriad of storage options that really come in handy in the kitchen. Not to mention they are incredibly beautiful to look at.  Having an island counter immediately draws the eye by creating a focal point in the center of the kitchen. These are great additions for master chefs who need extra counter space for fuss-free cooking. They can also have stools placed adjacently. This allows for causal interaction and entertainment in the kitchen.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Minimalism and modern kitchen designs are very complementary to each other. Minimalism is all about reducing excess and focusing on the most important aspects. The design philosophy embodied In these kitchens focuses on reducing the elements to the most necessary only.  So generally, Modern kitchens are devoid of any fancy embellishments or decoration. The beauty of these kitchens is inherent in the lighting and play between shapes and configurations, which can sometimes create a subtle industrial style. One can also say that modern kitchens are designed to have a tranquil and soothing atmosphere due to their lack of clutter and ample space.

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