Best Places to Spend Christmas With the Family in the U.S

Best Places to Spend Christmas

This Christmas makes your weekend more cherishable with your family. For that, you should celebrate Christmas out of your home this year with your loved ones. To get ease in configuring the best places for the tour during Christmas in the U.S. you should acknowledge the content thoroughly.

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Funtastic Getaways to Explore During Christmas in the U.S

If you consider spending the vacation away from your residential area, countless destinations provide all the holiday touches you desire. To ease your search, we’ve sketched a list of the best vacation getaways for families during Christmas that is enough to make you walk on the winter wonderland.

Here’s the list of all those places that are going to influence you to indulge in the snow cape wonderland, miles and miles of the stretch of beaches, and many cherishable vibes.

  • Yosemite National Park, California: U.S

Yosemite park is one of the most appointed places for a family trip in the U.S. This park lets people enjoy outdoor treats like sleigh riding, snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, and many others. It has numerous attractions to engage the people during winter, so you can consider it to explore with your family in the United States.

Yosemite Park is open all around the year without any reservation fee to enter. Before you embark on this place, ensure to check the weather. Furthermore, there is nothing to stress about cooking during Christmas days when you spot this winter getaway with you, although you can choose any of the nearest popular hotels and get all the complete service you year from the weekend. Yosemite Valley Lodge, Wawona Hotel, and The Ahwahnee are all the most prominent hotels where you can chunk all from your favorites.

  • Disney World in Orlando, Florida: U.S

Disney World is an all-time favorite weekend getaway to explore for all travelers, whether you are on a trip with your family, partner, or friends. This getaway is all about the magic kingdom for the kids. Remember to add this place to your itinerary if you are on an Orlando trip with your kids. Spotting Disney World during the winter (Christmas eve) lets you enjoy the Merriest hours including fireworks, themed parades, and more.

Ensure to taste the flavors of the city during winter before you escape. Furthermore, ensure to take a glance at holiday-themed adornments throughout the park.

  • Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida 

This place is popular for encompassing the giant-size Christmas tree. Here, you can find numerous antique pieces for the kids to play with. Furthermore, you would be liable to chunk the good taste of lego eateries in a jolly theme. Also, Legoland initiates people to take a glance at the characters in very merry-themed dresses. So, it’s a hundred percent sure you will find it enjoyable to trek the place when you are in Florida. The most important thing that we’d like to tell you is that, take a jump on lego’s exhilarating rides before you escape the place.

  • Park City

When it’s about winter vacation, everyone expects skiing. If you are one of those who is willing to indulge in outdoor activities, you should spot park city located in Utah. Here, you can find the most cherishing site due to the snowflakes. On spotting this beautiful site, ensure to head out to Utah’s Park City ski to cherish the United States’ most exciting treat and sight.

Furthermore, you should head out on the Polar Express train for one and a half an hour. This ride would be exciting with enriched hot cocoa, the most entertaining experience. To enhance your experience, this ride will let you meet Santa and get gifts from him.

  • Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood Christmas Parade is the most iconic and notorious Los Angeles event celebrated during winter. No trees in Los Angeles have been capped with snow or chilled blooming nights. Here, you will be liable to enjoy plentiful Christmas vibes, including amazing treats. You will love enjoying Christmas despite 70 degrees of the mild climate. And this might be good for the families on a trip. If you are on a trip with your kiddos, you should spot this place and let your kids enjoy the L.A. Zoo lights, the carnal light-up tradition. Make sure you purchase the entry ticket in advance so you won’t have to stand in a queue.

  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Are you a skiing lover, including all your family members? Then, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is the one-stop and top-notch place that would accomplish you with the most exhilarating activity. This worldwide destination is prominent for facilitating people with a wow experience of thrilling outdoor activities like Steamboats.

Ensure you book your dining in advance so that you don’t have to wait for registration and compromise with your hunger. Steamboat Meat & Seafood Co., or Natural Colorado Grocers, is Colorado’s most renowned cuisine serverChoose any of these cuisine spots when it’s about to end your hunger with Colorado’s most delicious food.

Springs, fireworks shows, and even snowshoe trails are something to enjoy alongside the Steamboat’s eating option. These backdrops might let you snap a perfect and iconic picture with your kids.

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Pack up the ski gear of your family and descend at Jackson Hole Resort so that you would be part of Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s most prominent event, Santa’s “drop-in.” You can catch the Santa lighting ceremony at the historic town square tree when you are done with the slopes. To enhance the experience of your family trip, you can head for a ride and hop on a sleigh through Teton’s scenic landscapes.

  • Frankfurt, Germany

There needs to be more than a description to reveal the enriched magnificence of the destination. Still, please come to this charming place with your kids for the Christmas weekend and let them know the history of Europe. By the way, Germany has been popular for the Christmas market for over six hundred years. If you reserve the flight to Germany via Frontier Airlines en Español, ensure to stroll through the market and inhale the essence of gingerbread, baked apples, and mulled wine. These smells would steal your eyes from the

Take a stroll through the market and notice the incredible architecture.

  • Highlands, North Carolina

North Carolina is the place where Slow things down in the peak town of Highlands. Santa intercepts every year to blaze up the Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park, including sparkling lights, with an abundance of cookies and hot chocolate for the whole family. On the merrier days, the city invites the people for a hike to one of the foremost waterfalls strewed throughout the Highlands ridges. You won’t escape without the small-town parade full of camels, bands, and floats. Camels are on the train!

Things to Enjoy Across the Best Places to Explore in U.S. during Winter Vacations

Here’s the list of the most exhilarating activities that you can enjoy across the best winter vacation getaways in the United States.

El Paso, Texas

  • Christmas fair
  • Traditional celebrations
  • Sun Bowl Game
  • Ice skating

Los Angeles, California

  • Hollywood Christmas Parade,
  • L.A. Zoo,
  • outdoor ice skating

Park City, Utah

  • Skiing
  • tree lighting ceremony
  • Christmas dinner specials

Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida

  • theme park,
  • shopping,
  • dining

Yosemite National Park

  • Ornament making
  • Skiing
  • Gingerbread house decorating
  • Sleigh rides

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Sleigh rides
  • Skiing
  • Fireworks
  • Arts and crafts

Frankfurt, Germany

  • Dining,
  • Museums,
  • Christmas market,
  • Zoo Frankfurt

Highlands, North Carolina

  • Live music
  • Hiking
  • Christmas parade


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