Do You Spend More on a Trip Than You Plan?

Are you the kind of traveller who likes to plan every little detail for your trip, or do you prefer to go with the flow and see where the journey takes you? Whatever type of traveller you are, we can all agree that it’s important to have a budget. 

We always spend more than we think. Preparing a budget in advance to determine what you can spend is always useful. How do you do that and what else should you consider when it comes to money matters while travelling? These budgeting tips will help you stay on track while travelling.

How Much Can You Spend?

As a traveller you want to get the most out of your trip while keeping your expenses low. How much money can you spend while travelling? This is a question asked by anyone who wants to see the world without breaking the bank. 

Watch the Little Ones

The first step you take when you travel is determining what your budget will be and how much you want to spend on it. Based on that, you actually determine the rest. Are you going for a hotel or hostel? How long do you want to travel? You can only answer all these questions once you have determined the budget. Fortunately, there is something for every budget.

When determining your budget, also take smaller peripheral matters into account, things that you may not think about so quickly. Consider, for example, visas, costs for food and drinks (which are always higher), travel insurance and the costs that continue at home.

Which Payment Method Do You Use?

When you are in a foreign country, you don’t want to be faced with surprises. One of the most common problems for travellers is the debit card. Not all Dutch or Belgian debit cards work abroad. And trust me… you don’t want to run out of money.

I therefore never travel without a credit card. In fact. I leave all my debit cards at home and only use my credit card. Most ATMs only accept Visa or Mastercard and most hotels only accept credit cards. 

After a long journey you just want to check in and not fiddle around with bank cards that don’t work. I get very grumpy with too little sleep, so my credit card is not only useful for me, but also for my fellow travellers 😉

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Stick to Your Budget

Of course you prefer not to think about budgeting on holiday. The word alone. Still, it is handy. A trip is always more expensive than you plan. Therefore, stick to your budget and always budget 20% more than you think you need. Draw up a daily budget for accommodation, food, drinks and trips. 

This way you can determine what you can still spend on all other things based on your daily budget. Especially if you are going to travel for a longer period of time, it is good to think about what you can spend.

Avoid Nasty Surprises

Although a holiday should of course be a worrying period, unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong. Think of things stolen or you get into an accident. With travel insurance you are insured if you lose something valuable or in case you have to incur medical costs.

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