10 Best Restaurants in Boston That Everybody Loves

Boston has some of the most sought-after eateries in the States.

In essence, Boston is a great gourmet city and is famous for its love for baked beans. However, the seaside city is well known for its seafood as well, which ranges from steamed clams and fish and chips, to lobster rolls, and New England clam chowder. Traditionally, the city of Boston serves as the state capital, the Massachusetts Commonwealth’s most populated metropolis, and the commercial and financial hub of the country’s New England area. This makes the city very diverse and is the reason Boston has some of the most sought-after eateries in the States. 

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Boston that everybody loves, we have you covered!

In no particular order, here’s our top pick of the best restaurants in Boston:

  • Yvonne’s

The restaurant has lovely seasonal food and specially selected wine and dining experiences. Yvonne’s is the perfect location to hold any event. One of the most well-known restaurants in the area, it is located on Tremont Street. The establishment has a 19th-century mahogany bar and the same swanky ambience that has been preserved from yesteryears. The new dinner club, however, has a distinctively modern atmosphere and is named for the former members-only club of Locke Ober below.

  • Yume Wo Katare

Yume Wo Katare is an adorable ramen cafe in Porter Square that promotes itself as a “dream workshop” and invites customers to physically get up and speak about their ambitions at the conclusion of the meal — but only after they complete a massive bowl of ramen that represents persistence. In addition to periodic seasonal specials, the limited menu normally only offers one flavor of ramen—the “Jiro-style,” which is typified by a substantial pork and garlic flavor profile along with the option to increase the already robust quantity, with extra noodles or toppings. This is certainly one of the best restaurants in Boston.

  • Mooncusser

This restaurant has undergone a culinary overhaul under the guidance of Chef Carl Dooley, with a new emphasis on providing four-course tasting menus. Although Mooncusser may have started out as a fish house specialty, it has since evolved into much more. Every month, the set menu selection, additionally, offers optional wine pairings that rotate periodically; diners can always experience new dishes and novel viewpoints. Although fish dishes like barbecued unagi or potato gnocchi with salt cod now share the stage with other globally influenced star dishes, seafood still plays a significant part in the proceedings. The ambience is sophisticated and it is situated in the prime location of Arlington St. You can find several short term rentals in Boston nearby, if you are planning to visit again!

  • Dakzen

In Somerville’s Davis Square sits the Thai restaurant Dakzen, which was named as Eater Boston’s Fast-Casual Restaurant of the Year. With a service philosophy that straddles counter-service and full-service and cuisine that doesn’t shy away from heat and funk, the crowded, well-lit restaurant exudes a sense of joyous pandemonium. Beyond the mainstays of Thai-American takeaways, those familiar with the full range of Thai flavors will be happy to find excellent renditions of them here. Those unfamiliar with them will quickly discover what they’ve been missing all this while. The Khao Soi, the tom yum noodle soup, and the Ba Mee Moo dang are the best recommendations for diners.

  • Barra

Barra is among the best restaurants in Boston, mostly because of their bar, that is inspired by Mexico City and its authentic Mexican cuisine. Hence, is regarded as one of the finest eateries in town. It is mostly because it is where lovers of Latin American libations can cram in side by side and have a fantastic evening meeting new friends, while sampling Sotol or pulque. Their lively curbside terrace is the perfect place to enjoy mezcal-based riffs on traditional drinks while nibbling on Tetelas and cactus salad with grasshoppers! It is ideal for those who seek a quiet place to dine in Boston.

  • Select Oyster Bar

For Boston’s greatest seafood experience, both visitors and residents should head to Select Oyster Bar. Every tourist in Boston is curious about the finest places to eat shellfish, and Select Oyster Bar is the best in town for sure. It caters to all demands, from professional lunches to elegant post-shopping evenings filled with clean Crudo, enormous raw-bar platters, and Mediterranean-inspired entrees. It is bustling with activity right off Newbury Street. The shortlist of cocktails is not an afterthought, so pay attention to it.

  • Uni

Originally a small sashimi bar, it has grown into a 100-seat Izakaya-style restaurant where you can now order nigiri with dishes like Japanese milk bread, ember-roasted duck confit, Crawfish yakitori, and wagyu dumplings. Additionally, their sake programme offers unfiltered and Nama varieties. Their late-night weekend ramen menu is still going strong with the odd celebrity chef visit adding a touch of flare to the proceedings. Their high standards of food are what make them one of the best restaurants in Boston. We recommend the lobster BLT roll and the A5 wagyu sirloin nigiri, upon which Uni established its fame, and they are among the must-try items from their extensive sushi menu.

  • Spoke Wine Bar

Located on Holland Street, the tiny kitchen at Spoke is one of the smallest in town and it is astonishing for what it can produce. The restaurant’s wonderfully crafted small dishes experiment with seasonal ingredients and draw influences from all around the world. It’s also a wine bar, so don’t forget the wines, which tango between well-known and obscure locations for a unique drinking experience. At Spoke, experts recommend the irresistible sambal-cured fish with coconut, milk bread, and Thai basil. They may be ordered at Spoke, as could duck hearts with a fresh cherry and whiskey sauce. The unique food experience at Spoke is what makes them one of the best restaurants in Boston.

  • Grill 23 & Bar

You will fall in love with the steakhouse’s cozy settings, and hearty cuisine, while large glasses of red wine at Grill 23 & Bar are par for the course. Grill 23 has epitomized Bostonians’ love of steaks by serving the best steak meals possible! Grill 23 is perhaps the most well-known steakhouse in Boston, nestled on Stuart St. It has played home to several formal dinners and other special events. The elegant ambience is enhanced by high ceilings, marble columns, white tablecloths, and waiters wearing white uniforms. Additionally, their wine programme as well as the well-prepared steaks for a carefully designed culinary experience has garnered national accolades.

  • Toro

Our last pick of the best restaurants in Boston cannot be complete without mentioning Toro. This South End restaurant has been around for more than ten years. It serves both contemporary and classic Spanish tapas, from straightforward dishes like grilled corn to sophisticated ones that combine seafood and charcuterie with intense flavors that draw crowds. It is run by Chefs and proprietors Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette. They have now ventured into Toro and transformed it into a Boston-style eatery that everyone adores.

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