5 Ways Jobs Boards Can Speed Up Web3 Hiring

Hiring teams filter through countless resumes to shortlist and interview the right candidate for a position. Often hiring managers receive countless resumes for common roles like content writers. However, several applications do not meet the criteria or are irrelevant. At the same time, some roles are hard to fill because they require specialized skillsets and expertise. In both cases, finding the right candidate can become a long, unwinding hunt.

The cost of hiring and replacing a candidate is steep. In most cases, it can be two to three times more than the compensation assigned for the position. According to Glassdoor, on average, it costs an employer $4000 to hire a new worker in the US. The number varies depending on the role. Hiring teams need to come up with some actionable ways to expedite the process to avoid overheads. Additionally, they need fill the position timely to facilitate project teams in achieving business bursa escort goals.

Today, the talent acquisition teams have endless resources of tools to help them find and shortlist resumes. If you want to leverage the power of technology for hiring, one powerful tool is a specialized job board. A great way of finding a suitable candidate is to niche down your job search. Recruiters looking to source resources for Web3 projects can find a pool of talented individuals on a niche job board.

Let’s have a look at 5 ways a specialized job board helps you speed up hiring:

Hassle-free Sign Ups

Most job boards offer a free sign-up to companies. With a specialized Web3 job portal, companies must provide as many details as possible to give candidates necessary insights about them. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. In most cases, it can be completed in a few minutes by filling out a form.

Save Time and Cost

You can be proactive in your search by investing in a reliable job board. A job board saves you valuable time which you would otherwise invest if you searched for candidates yourself or hired a recruiter. With a job board like Crypto Jobs, you can directly engage with candidates by sending them a message. Post the job opening for free, clearly state specifics, and pay a nominal fee to promote it. Relevant candidates can access the vacancy easily and apply. The resumes can be viewed within the platform. The hiring team can instantly connect with successful candidates for further process.

Engage Active Job Seekers

Engaging passive job seekers requires more time and energy. You need to research their professional interests and aspirations to understand what drives them in their current job. Then, you’ll need to customize your offer to convince them to interview for the role. Job seekers are often more active on niche platforms as they find opportunities tailored to their goals. Active job seekers have updated profiles and resumes. They can apply to jobs or respond to a recruiter instantly for an open role. They are also willing to undertake the recruitment process without delays.

Reach a Wider Pool of Talent

Every time you advertise a position on a job board, the platform uses various ways to market it to its customers. Besides appearing on the job listing, email subscribers get a job alert about it as well. Job boards are popular among job seekers, so they follow them on social media to get updates. Job board offer broader visibility for open vacancies.

Promote your Company to Future Prospects

Job boards expose job seekers to reputable companies present on the platform. Presence on a job board not only helps speed up hiring for open vacancies but it can also helps attract future candidates. The information provided about the company can serve as an introduction to candidates on the platform. If they are interested in your project but do not see any relevant openings, chances are they will follow the company page and stay alert for future positions.

Join Crypto Jobs to Build your Dream Team

Most companies prefer a cost-saving yet efficient approach to hiring.  Sourcing and hiring talent are two of the most challenging tasks faced by companies. At the same time, hiring is a crucial investment made by organizations to find the right employees. Studies show the cost of a bad hire is around $15000.

Hiring today has become IT-intensive with many tools at your disposal. While some tools such as an ATS are necessary, others might distract you more than help streamline hiring. Crypto Jobs is a high-impact tool offering utility without putting a burden on your budget. Sign up today to be among a community of early adopters. Reduce the cost of hiring, create a talent pool for the future, build rapport with candidates and reach top talent quickly.

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