Shopify Booster Theme Review For You in 2022

Shopify Booster Theme Review for you in 2022

do not worry! In this review, we will cover the features, pricing plan, and all the information that will help you choose and decide whether it is worth choosing this theme or not. You were looking for so far.

Detailed Shopify Booster Theme Review

seriously! This theme is something different! This Shopify theme includes many features that can help you increase the sales of your online store! They also claim to be 2X faster than any other Shopify theme! How great is that!
We can’t guarantee anything in the world, but we can make sure you won’t find anything better than this theme at this price! You can check out the booster theme here! We’ll also add booster theme coupon discounts at the end, so you can get more value and enjoy this theme a little more! If you want an in-depth review of this theme, keep reading this article!

Key Features of Shopify Booster Theme

Let’s see all the features of Booster Theme and know how it can be beneficial for you:
The first and most important factor is that the Booster theme is mobile-optimized which displays an image above the fold and an add-to-cart button on most modern smartphones. This is very important because you will be targeting Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube traffic, which means most users will be on their kadıköy escort bayan phones. Mobile optimization also offers an RRP price, sale price, countdown timer, and delivery notification, no scrolling required. In version one of their themes, this option was not available, so this is a new add-on.

  Countdown timer

Let’s first tell you what a countdown timer is, a countdown timer that appears on your shopping site, to the closing of a sales deal. For example, when we visit Amazon, we see some products that are on sale, and we see a countdown towards it, indicating that the sale is in a few hours or a few days. It will be over soon. Experts know that these countdowns mean nothing, but more than half of the population genuinely believes that the countdown is real and will rush to buy the product as soon as possible. Thus, the profit of the business increases manifold during the sales countdown.

Recent Sales Popup

Unless you belong to the Harry Potter era, where a magic wand appears, and people buy your product regardless of how your website looks, you need to make your website engaging. By busy, we mean you need to show traffic. on your page.

Booster theme negative

You already know the advantages of buying this theme, but what about its disadvantages and why you might not choose this theme? First is the update issue; Because of Shopify’s interface, when you want to update a theme you have to download and reinstall the theme from above. Another problem is that most of the Booster theme features can be added for free through the Shopify app store. If you only want one to two plugins or even more, paying $197 for a booster isn’t worth the money.
Suppose a visitor sees 10 ads for t-shirts on Facebook. We can guarantee that most of these other sites will also use the same theme with limited customization. Eventually, consumers will begin to realize that these stores are all fake, meaning fake countdown timers, visitors, and discount tactics. If you decide to purchase, we recommend strong theme customization.

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