How Can Fleet Management Software Help You Reduce Vehicle Replacement Rate

Running a fleet can be a costly business. Do you know what adds to this expenditure? Constantly having to replace your fleet vehicles. But fleet management software can help reduce this cost!

Buying new vehicles is very expensive but imagine having to do this for a large fleet. All the more expenditure! How the system will help you may be wondering. Well, its solutions help the fleet optimise holistically. But before coming to this conclusion, it is important we understand why fleets replace vehicles in the first place. Let us have a detailed understanding in this article.

Reasons For Damaged Vehicles

Damaged vehicles can be caused due to a number of reasons. While there is no one person at fault here, a lot of external factors can also account for these damages. Some of these include:

  • Accidents: Accidents can cause heavy damage to a vehicle, sometimes irreversible. It can lead to heavy wearing down of the vehicle. In some cases fleet managers are left with no other choice but to invest in new vehicles. Sometimes damage done by accidents gets overlooked. But as the vehicle keeps running, it translates into a bigger issue that might also lead to vehicle replacement.
  • Low Maintenance: Ignoring a vehicle’s maintenance for long periods can end up in heavy damages. BNot just it increases the chance of accidents, it also leads to irreversible damages. Focusing more on corrective maintenance instead of preventive maintenance also increases the vehicle replacement rate.
  • Bad Driving: The way a driver acts on the roads has a lot to do with a vehicle’s conditions. This means that if the driver indulges in harsh driving practice, it can wear down a vehicle a lot faster. This can further result in accidents as well.
  • Theft: This is very common where a person might target the vehicle for theft. This means that they can try to either steal the entire vehicle or some costly part for resale. It is ultimately the fleet business that pays for such acts beylikdüzü escort though.
  • Vehicle Idling: Idling is the act of keeping a vehicle’s engine running even if it is stationary at one point. This not only increases the fuel consumption of the vehicle but also increases the damage done to an engine. Despite the negative effects, idling is pretty common in fleets and drivers stay unaware of the consequences of their habits.

How Does Frequent Vehicle Replacement Affect Fleet Businesses?

Now that we have the reasons why a business might need to change its vehicles, let us move on to the next sections. How can constant replacement affect a fleet business in the long run” Here are a couple common occurrence that might happen:

  • Monetary Loss: This one is very obvious. Buying a new vehicle means a fleet business has to shell out money. When taking into consideration a large fleet, this cost can be so bad that it might take a business under. It can also refrain a company from becoming profitable.
  • Low Safety: A damaged vehicle can lead to accidents as well. This is because it is very difficult to be in control of a vehicle that is running with damages. This damage can be in the form of bad tyres, or faulty indicators and so on. But this can form a cycle where a vehicle in bad condition leads to accidents resulting in more damages and so on.
  • High Fuel Consumption: Again, a vehicle that is not in its optimal state will consume more fuel than one that is well maintained. This means that fleets have to face the cost of not just replacing vehicles, but also high fuel costs.
  • Low Reputation: No client wants to hand over their consignments to a business that has battered vehicles. This is why a fleet that looks bad can be the reason why a business might be losing work or experiencing shrink in clientele.

Can Fleet Management Software Help Reduce Vehicle Replacement?

There are several ways that a fleet management system can reduce a fleet;s vehicle replacement rate. Some of these ways include:

  • Servicing and Maintenance: This feature reminds the managers of any upcoming maintenance scheduled for a vehicle. Thus the fleet business does not skip over any issues the vehicle might be facing during travel. Vehicles are diagnosed with issues before they can become fatal in any way.
  • Report Generation: Reports available in the system highlight any shortcoming or pain point of a fleet’s operations. This means that managers can study these reports to understand the issue behind their high vehicle replacement and target that issue during optimisation,
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solution: This solution reduces any reckless driving on the driver’s part. Managers receive instant alerts every time an event triggers. These events include overspeeding, harsh cornering, abrupt braking, sudden cornering, idling and so on. Thus, the accident rate comes down significantly.
  • Route Planning Solution: This solution allows managers to pre-plan the routes their drivers will be taking. Thus, managers can opt for short routes and reduce a vehicle’s engine hours. Ultimately there is a reduction in wear and tear, keeping the vehicle running for a lot longer.
  • Geofences: This virtual boundary set on a map notifies the managers every time a vehicle enters or exits the marked region. Thus, if a manager wishes to refrain from travelling via dangerous or damaged roads, they can mark it as a geofence. Drivers will know that they do not have to enter these areas and will save the vehicle from depreciation.


We hope you now have an idea on how vehicles incur damages while they complete a fleet business’ tasks. Having a fleet management system integrated with a fleet business can help managers take full incharge of their fleet. Using its robust solutions can lead to them  reducing loss of vehicles which might affect their budget negatively. But do not know what software is right for you?

Meet TrackoBit, a leading fleet management system in the market. It is the perfect combination of all the features and solutions mentioned above. The customisable nature of this system means that you can mould the software into what your  fleet requires.

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