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Online Casinos & offline Casinos have been into clash since long. Gambling, Wagering & Casino has been an integral aspect of Indian culture since the very beginning. From old times where people used to gamble of card, table or other games to modern ways of Gambling such as: Sports betting, Casino & lottery betting. Casino & Gambling activites in India have come soo far.

Proofs have been found that Gambling started in India around the time of Ramayana & Mahabharata. However, many changes have been noticed since the game evolved. Right now as it is the age of Internet, gambling has also found a new defination with the help of Internet. Gambling & betting has reached each & every home after it went viral on mobile devices. Downloadable applications, online payment making & receiving methods & many more has resulted into booming of Internet Gambling.

Still, there are a lot of people in today’s age who love plying @ land-based casinos. Reason being stated is that, the intensity and excitement of gambling are absent at digital gambling clubs/websites. The facts mentioned are quite real to some extent because traditional casinos offer an enriched gambling experience.  These experiences can only be enjoyed with the presence of a real dealer and other players. Other perks being free food & drinks at offline casino that are complementary in your package. There are many trusted online Casino service providers that are quite good & genuine. Here are the major differences in Online & offline casinos:

1. Security & Safety:

Both the casinos (online & offline) can be similar when it comes to security & reliability. However in earlier times, online casinos were considered as fraud because many new companies collected money in name of gambling & left the market but it’s not the same right now. There are proper rules & regulations now setted up by the government to make sure that no further frauds hamper player’s trust over other genuine applications. On the other hand, offline casinos were always considered safe as everything is happening in the front of the eyes & with LIVE Dealer.

2. Many Trusted Providers to choose from:

Trusted providers means the casino providers who are genuine & do not have any intention of retaining player’s money by playing any of the tips & tricks. This option is very little in offline casinos as players have the option to play only with their local casinos in their town. No one travels specially just for playing some casino on regular basis. However, on the other hand there are enormous options when it comes to online gambling. You can even choose overseas casinos & wager there as well. There are N number of providers in online casinos & you can choose any trusted one & start playing there.

3. Deposits & Withdrawals:

The way of dealing with money is very different in online & offline casinos. In offline casinos where you deal with real persons for buying casino chips, tokens and also for the withdrawal procedure the process is really simple. You just go to the counter for depositing & withdrawal of money. But in online casino, this process takes hugggeeeee time. You have to first make the deposit, which is quite very easy as most of the online casinos now accept Google pay, Paytm & all other cards for online methods. However, this is only the start of problems as the real struggle lies in withdrawal. You have to provide a hell lot of documents required for withdrawal procedure. Your government issues ID, you bank account statement & many more are there in the line. You have complete proper KYC to withdraw your winnings.

4. Accessibility:

Land-based casinos are appropriate for you if there are traditional casinos in your city and it is convenient to visit them anytime you wish. Online gambling, however, may be the greatest option for you if land-based casinos are located far from your city. You may quickly access them whenever you want on your PCs and smartphones. You can also carry a casino with you at all times.

5. Huge Variety of Games:

Internet casinos outperform their land-based competitors in terms of game selection when comparing offline and online casinos. The number of games available here is significantly less than in traditional casinos, which need a sizable area to hold hundreds of games. Online casinos, on the other hand, host all of their games over the internet, where there is no space restriction. Because of this, internet casinos provide a variety of games.

6. Gameplay Difference:

Although there are many games at internet casinos that you will surely enjoy playing them with on your mobile phone device, the gameplay at physical casinos is incredible. Traditional casinos offer a gaming experience akin to watching movies, together with dazzling lights, music, and entertainment. You can only use a computer or a smartphone to play at online casinos. Online casinos are an option if you feel comfortable using these tools and don’t require company while playing. However, you should play in land-based casinos if you want to experience the true spirit of gambling.

7. Social elements:

The previous point number 6 helped us better to understand that online casinos lack the Social Element. You have to sit alone & gamble in your own mobile phone. While in offline casino, you can meet & greet new people while enjoying drinks with them or having a new. Offline casino helps a lot in making new connections & friends that stay for life.

8. Responsible Gamling:

On both of these platforms, responsible gaming is required. Online casinos, however, are the finest when it comes to providing facilities for responsible gaming. You can limit your betting amount, playtime duration, deposit, and many other things using their numerous options. Offline casinos do not offer these features.

9. Easyness:

Online casinos are comfortable and easy to reach, as we already mentioned. They can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. You may easily play casino games if you have a mobile phone, a working internet connection, and an account at an online casino. On the other hand, if you want to gamble, you must go to a real casino. Online casinos are therefore more practical than traditional casinos.

About the Author:  This blog post is written by Karanbir Singh Walia .

Karanbir Singh is a 26 years young personality with 4+ years of expertise in Digital marketing & content writing. Right now Karan resides Dubai & is associated with Mahadev Book online for their lead generation needs.

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