Important Urology Supplies

Sometimes you have to learn things about urology that you never thought you’d have to learn when caring for an aging loved one. When caring for another person, you may need to deal with incontinence, which can be unpleasant and uncomfortable for you and your loved one. Below are the essential urology supplies you may need.

Catheter holders

Catheters and their accessories are necessary for proper hygiene and continence. According to ABC Medical and other medical supply providers, drainage bags are an important component of catheters and are available in many styles to suit every patient’s preference. The most important aspect to consider is the style of the catheter, as these items must fit comfortably into the patient’s leg. The right catheter holder can make the process a whole lot easier.

Catheter lubricants

Depending on the type of procedure, catheter lubricants can make the process of insertion and removal of the device much more comfortable. Catheter lubricants are jelly-like substances made of natural water-soluble gum. Different brands of lubricants are available to meet varying needs and requirements. One crucial aspect of catheter lubrication is its ability to reduce infection risk.

Irrigation products

Urology irrigation supplies are necessary for various medical interventions. These supplies reduce the risks of infection and facilitate the procedure. Urology irrigation kits are ideal for these procedures because they include all the necessary components.

Catheter holder

Medical professionals and patients use many of these products to treat urinary retention. Other supplies used to treat urinary retention include enemas and drainage bags. Whether you need a catheter holder or a drainage bag, these products will be of use to you.
The area around the catheter should be cleaned at least twice a day, and disposable gloves should be worn during insertion To avoid infections. The user should also drink plenty of water to promote regular urine flow. This is important because water helps to prevent irritation and helps keep the catheter line clear of blockages.

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