Cleaning wooden doors: guide for care

Cleaning wooden doors: guide for care The material wood is a particularly multifaceted and versatile companion in our interiors. For this reason, many people choose wooden doors that perfectly match floors, windows, as well as furniture. However, like many everyday objects, doors are also subject to intensive use. No chance for dust, fingerprints, smudges or other dirt … high time to clean wooden doors.

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Cleaning doors or caring for old wooden doors need to be learned. The wrong cleaning agents or cleaning cloths can cause scratches and permanently damage the wood. Today we will show you how to clean and care for your wooden doors. Cleaning wooden doors Tips – Your doors will still look great even after many years. Join us on a virtual cleaning tour!

Determine the wood before cleaning the doors!

Before you start cleaning wooden doors, you should first find out what type of wood you have. Also check whether the wooden doors are varnished or glazed.

This is usually the case with newer doors in particular because the applied long-term protection protects the wood from damage and thus makes cleaning painted wooden doors particularly easy. If it is sensitive softwood, you should only use mild cleaners that are specifically suitable for the respective type of wood.

First remove coarse dust and dry!

What is the best way to clean and maintain wooden doors? Over time, dust collects on the door frame, but also on the top and on the decorative strips.

First vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment or remove the dirt with a feather duster.

Cleaning wooden doors Tips: You can also work with an electrostatic dust cloth in easily accessible places, in which the dust is immediately trapped. This is made possible by charging the special cloth. In this way you prevent the dirt that is thrown up from being deposited again in other places, such as the furniture and objects.

Cleaning wooden doors Home remedies – which ones are particularly suitable?

Lacquered wooden doors are particularly easy to clean with very simple tools that you will most likely always use in the household. These include dishwashing detergent, vinegar-based cleaner and soft soap as well as lukewarm water.

Before cleaning, make sure that you only use diluted household products when cleaning wooden doors, never use them in high concentrations. Mix a few squirts of it with enough water. Never apply the cleaning agents undiluted to the wood.

Chemical cleaners with aggressive substances or coarse particles, such as those used in scouring milk, are not recommended. These can attack paint and wood or cause scratches.

Cleaning doors – which cleaning rags are recommended?

Cloths with a high cotton content are ideal for cleaning and maintaining wooden doors. They should be lint-free and soft. Soft chamois leather is also suitable for care. Do without microfiber cloths, which, if used regularly, may damage the paint, glaze, or wood of your doors.

Cleaning wooden doors – step by step

As soon as you have cleaned the doors of coarse dust and have gathered all the utensils for cleaning, you can get started.

Step 1: First, dip the cleaning rag into the mixture of lukewarm water and home remedies. Then wring it out carefully.

Cleaning wooden doors Tips: Never clean wooden doors with too much moisture. The moisture can penetrate the natural material through fine grooves or scratches and cause it to swell. Unsightly stains and discoloration can also result.

Step 2: Carefully wipe any grooves, trim or edges on your doors. Don’t forget the outside of the doors.

Step 3: In this step you can start cleaning the large area of ​​the door leaf. Wipe evenly from top to bottom to be able to thoroughly clean all areas of the wooden doors.

Step 4: Stubborn stains, such as an adhesive residue from stickers, can be easily removed with vinegar essence and water. No chemicals are necessary and the stains disappear in no time thanks to the ingredients in the vinegar.

Step 5: Does your wooden door have glass elements? You can help to keep them streak-free with a mild glass cleaner . In the case of small glass surfaces, please do not spray the cleaner directly onto the door in order to protect the surrounding wood, but rather onto the cleaning cloth. Then clean the glass areas.

Step 6: In the last step, you can take care of new and old wooden doors immediately after cleaning. This works particularly well with a care product, either for natural wood or for lacquered and glazed doors.

It is best to get advice on this from a specialist store and apply the care product as described in the instructions. The products are usually quite economical and are sufficient for several doors or applications.

Caring for old wooden doors–this is how it works

Ancient wooden doors have a special charm because they are often untreated. Caring for old wooden doors works exceptionally well with wood oil or wood wax from specialist retailers. Please check which agent is most suitable for your doors.

Are there unsightly stains or discolorations on the natural wood door? Then you can carefully remove them with sandpaper in front of the wooden doors. However, this requires a sure instinct in order not to remove too much material.

Only use a particularly fine sandpaper and check the result from time to time. In this way you avoid deep depressions that can no longer be concealed later.

Depending on the type of wood and the desired effect, you can get very different products in the trade. Always apply the selected care product evenly with a lint-free brush or cloth.

Cleaning lacquered wooden doors: Please always check in advance whether the wood is actually untreated. Only here you are allowed to use oil and wax. This only forms an unsightly greasy film on painted doors. Here you have the option of leveling out scratches and bumps with special paint sticks.

Our conclusion – clean and care for wooden doors: In our guide, you have received efficient tips for cleaning your wooden doors. Always be mindful and careful when cleaning. Please avoid scouring agents or microfiber cloths, as they can damage the fine wood structure.

Cleaning wooden doors Home remedies? In our post, you can find a whole range of tips about natural cleaning products that are cheap and effective. Try it out for yourself the next time you clean your house.


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