The Ultimate Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest eCommerce marketplace that caters to sellers and consumers. With more than 300 million prime customers Amazon provides sellers with access to an immense number of buyers who are ready to purchase products online.

Due to the huge number of products that are sold through Amazon Sellers require the ability to get an advantage on Amazon, and this can be accomplished by advertising. This is the place Amazon PPC advertising comes into.

What are Amazon Ads?

As with Google searches, when consumers look for items, there are specific positions that appear on Amazon as “sponsored” on Amazon.

They are also known as pay-per-click ads. They are by far the most used kind of advertisements on Amazon and are growing the market share for search ads from Google. 

The method by which PPC advertising operates is that sellers get paid when consumers click on their ads.

Advertising on Amazon is crucial to any Amazon seller who wants to grow their brand name and increase the sales of their items. Amazon advertisements offer a variety of advantages to your business like:

  • Growing brand recognition and recognition within the consumer
  • Reduced sales cycle through targeting customers directly via ads
  • Improved sales history and product visibility
  • Growing the number of organically sold items since Amazon is ranked as a product that sells more highly
  • Gaining valuable insight into the shifting consumer behavior
  • Utilizing marketing campaigns for a specifically targeted market
  • Knowing who your customers are and identifying new customers for your company
  • Discovering the best methods to gain customers at any certain period
  • Analyzing your results and taking informed decisions based on data.

Before advertising on Amazon, it is essential to ensure that your product listings are optimized and a well-organized seller central accounts. This is because advertisements are only a way to bring customers to your listings.

When a customer is on the product’s details pages, they have to be able to access all the information they require about the product. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a properly-constructed and well-organized seller central account that acts as the platform that houses your products.

To create an advertising campaign manager, it is necessary to have an account for sellers central with several ASINs to choose from.

The types of Amazon Ads

With Amazon ads, sellers can focus on customers who are searching for their company or the kinds of products they sell. 

This is the best method of thinking about advertising on Amazon. You can also use video and other display ads to increase brand recognition. 

These are the types of ads that you can purchase on Amazon:

1. Sponsored Products

Advertisements for sponsored products are the most frequently seen Amazon listings of products. They appear on the results pages and the product page details.

You should consider using sponsored products that target specific keywords, as well as other ASINs of products like your competitors. These ads direct users to the product’s detail page.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your paid-for product advertising campaigns by monitoring clicks and cost-per-click (CPC) and spend sales, as well as the cost of advertising (ACoS).

2. Headline Search Ads

Sponsored campaigns for brands are headline ads that promote your business by showcasing your product (usually at least three). This technique also makes use of targeted keywords and product-specific ads.

The ads display multiple items above, below, and along with results from searches. Typically, you pick three products to display and decide the keywords or ASINs of products you’d like to advertise on. 

Then, images of your three products appear in search results as well as within related products on pages of the product’s details.

3. Product Display Ads

Display ads for products are intended to increase your visibility for your product or you’re brand. The goal is to upsell or cross-sell to your customers.

Display ads are employed by all types of companies including sellers, not just businesses. This is because you can choose a particular group to market your products to. It’s like Google but is a different method to reach people. 

These kinds of ads display images on the sidebars as well as videos, which are covered briefly afterward.

They are displayed on review pages for customers and product detail pages on the top of the page listing offer and beneath results from searches. 

Customers may also find them in various emails, including abandoned cart messages, email follow-ups, and emails with recommendations.

4. Store Ads

Store ads are designed to highlight a seller’s shop page. Sellers with a high profile must set up their own Amazon store page to display their brand, as well as ALL their products.

Customers must be able to browse your website and locate anything they require as if they were browsing the eCommerce website. 

Advertisements for your store are targeted to certain terms and are displayed at the top of search results. Alongside your shop, you can display three of the most popular products.

5. Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is Amazon’s display advertising platform, which allows sellers to reach their targeted and appropriate audience through Amazon websites, apps, as well as other publishers. 

In simple terms, Amazon DSP is to Amazon the same thing that displays advertising does to Google.

Amazon DSP is an advertising platform designed by Amazon to generate more sales for sellers, which means increased revenues and growth for the company itself. 

We are aware that it is hard to comprehend this amid PPC, so we’ve made it simple for you by providing this information in this article.

6. Video Ads

Video ads function similarly to display ads, but they will be displayed instead of an image. This kind of advertisement is one of the least appreciated types of ad, not just on Amazon but as well on Google.

This is because it is extremely difficult and difficult to find quality video ads. This is the reason YouTube ads are the most effective at converting across all advertising platforms.

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