Web Development 101: Why Should You Hire a Web Development Company?

Think about the last time you did a google search. What did you search for? What did the results page look like? Which websites did you click and visited?  What were you looking for? Did you find the right answer? You probably did find the answer to your search. 

Google is s search engine. That is it acts as the bridge between consumers and businesses. When consumers enter a search query it returns a list of websites or web applications based on SEO factors. Google earns in turn for the ads they run and in many other ways. Businesses with websites earn by visitors buying the products or by availing their services. In other words, this is a perfect system for businesses to thrive. All they need is a good website developed either through an in-house team or by hiring the top web development company. 

Even if people are purchasing things or availing services offline, the search usually starts online. Isn’t it shocking that 1 in 4 small businesses still don’t have a website or web app? A good website can act as the face of your brand, showcase your trustworthiness to the audience, and bring growth to your business. If not now, when? Hire the best web developers and start building your website today. 

This blog can help you with the basics of web development and help you choose the right web development company for your requirement. 

Web Development Process:

Web Development refers to the process of developing a website from scratch. It involves research, design, development, testing, and maintenance of a website/web app. Web development is usually done by a bunch of web developers based on the size and scope of the project. The price for developing a website or web application varies depending on the scope of the project and the functionality requirement.

Generally, a web development project goes through the following stages. 

1) Research:

The first stage of the project involves a lot of research. The team first needs to understand the clients’ requirements and vision. Analyzing the competitors, their website, and their business model can provide valuable insights to kick off the project. Based on the research, a timeline that comprises all the stages along with a deadline is drawn. 

2) Design:

During this stage, the content and SEO team work together to come up with the right set of keywords and content for the website. Based on the content and the research, the designer designs logos, main web pages, services pages, product pages, etc. based on the project requirement. Depending on the project, the designer might even develop a prototype or wireframe to get client feedback. 

3) Development:

A team of the best web developers starts developing the website from scratch based on the design. The website can be developed through hard coding from scratch or using various CMS such as WordPress, Magento, etc. Typically, the main page is developed and the sub-pages are added based on the website hierarchy. 

4) Testing:

Testing is the process of ensuring that the website developed runs properly. There are different types of testing such as manual, automated, etc. It is done based on the scope of the project. It generally involves checking all the links, scripts, features, etc. of the website. This way it is made sure that the website is fully functional. The website is launched live post-testing.

5) Maintenance:

Once the website is launched live, the maintenance keeps an eye on the website now and then. This way it is made sure that the website is up and running all the time properly. Any bugs or issues are found and rectified immediately. Any upgrade or maintenance of the server is also done so that the website helps the clients achieve their business goals. 

Advantages of Hiring a Web Development Company:

Oftentimes, it is a hassle to set up an in-house team for developing and maintaining a website. It involves a lot of time, energy, and capital. The best way to get a website up and running soon is to outsource it. But, it is important that you outsource your requirements to the best web development company. 

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of hiring the right web development company for your web application needs. 

  • You can focus on your business. While the team of web developers you hired would carry on with the web development, you can concentrate on growing your business and the day-to-day activities. 
  • While it is recommended to outsource your entire web development requirements, you can always hire a web development expert to assist you or your in-house team. This way you can ensure that you get a quality output. 
  • Web development companies would have worked on a lot of projects across various industries before. They know how to develop and complete a project, avoiding any pitfalls on the way. Outsourcing your development to the best web development companies, you can stop worrying about your website. 
  • SEO is one of the major aspects of web development these days. Experienced web developers can develop sites that easily pass the core web vitals test and remain SEO friendly. This way you can easily rank and grow. 
  • Besides, they have the technical expertise to support your website with proper cloud hosting, security, maintenance, etc. This way your website will remain appealing to your audience and improve business growth. 
  • The rise in the usage of mobile devices has deemed websites to provide the best user experience on multiple devices. Professional web development companies can develop websites that are responsive and adaptive to various screen sizes with zero glitches. 


Even today, there are businesses that are still unaware that their audience base would be searching for them on google. What if they can’t find you? They will easily switch to the one available. The website can act as your mediator and companion even when you are unavailable. They can create trust, bring in more business, and repeat the same again and again. Given the importance and potential we advise you to hire the Leading Web Development Company rather than trying to DIY. 

Web development is not a liability, it is an investment. See it that way, you will understand its value.

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