How to Fix OST File Error and Open in MS Outlook?

If you’re accessing your MS Outlook account with Exchange server or Office 365, then the data is stored in the OST file. This OST data file allows you to access your previously downloaded data and manage your emails when you work offline. OST data files are very helpful when working offline. However, sometimes users have reported troubles opening it, and then they can eventually stop working or get damaged. This is when people starts to search for methods to recover or convert OST file into PST file.

The common reasons that can damage OST files are virus attacks, power outrage, and unstable network connections. OST files get corrupted due to these reasons that eventually cause a different type of OST file errors. And once the Outlook throws up any error message, it becomes impossible to open it. 


How to Repair Error in OST file? Methods and Limitations

Let’s have a look at the ways to repair OST files. Here, I have discussed about three methods along with there limitations for more understanding. By applying these 3 methods, you can fix most of the Outlook OST errors even which are unknown. So, let us have a look one them one by one

Inbox repair tool- All desktop versions of Outlook contain an in-build Repair Tool to repair and fix problems with OST files. It is free tool provided by Microsoft. This integrity check tool can fix the OST file issue for free. Run the Scanost.exe tool by following steps:

  1. Open MS Outlook on your computer.
  2. Navigate to Task Manager and then click on the Process tab.
  3. Then right-click on Outlook.exe.
  4. Click on the open file location to open the SCANOST location.
  5. Double click on EXE ( make sure that Outlook is close before doing so)
  6. Choose the corrupt Exchange profile under the Inbox Repair Tool window.
  7. In the OST Integrity Check window, choose all folders or the particle ones which you want to scan.
  8. Put the right mark on the Repair Errors check box.
  9. Now, click on Begin Scan button to start the scanning process.
  10. Wait until the process gets complete and after that click on

Use of inbox repair tool or ScanOST tool is the first option that one should go for when you try to fix any OST file error. But this method is only feasible or successful when the error is small. For bigger OST file issues this free inbuilt utility fails to work and one has to go for another options to resolve the problem.

Create a new data file – One of the ways to resolve the issue is to delete the existing OST file and create a new healthy OST file. In this way you can have an entirely new OST file with complete data synchronized into it via Exchange server mailbox. Follow the steps given below:

  1. First, close your Outlook application.
  2. Then, locate the OST file from its default location but it may vary depending upon the version. Press Windows key + r and type “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\” in the Run window and click OK. This will automatically locate the OST file from any Outlook.
  3. Select the OST file and either right-click on it and then hit on the Delete option or press Delete Key.
  4. Now, Open the Control Panel and go to the Mail option.
  5. Choose the Show Profile button in that dialog box
  6. Select the default profile and click on Properties>>Email Account.
  7. Go to the Data Files tab and select Open File Location.
  8. It will direct you to the source directory of your OST file.
  9. Right-click on that OST file and select the Delete button.
  10. Once deleted, launch Outlook to recreate the OST.

It will create a new OST file, when you launch the Outlook again. The only limitation of this method is that you should have the availability to an active Exchange server environment. Thus, if you are trying to fix error from an orphan OST file then this method will not work for you.

OST to PST Converter Tool- It is an immediate solution to fix the OST error. The tool helps you to convert the OST file into PST format and comprehensively solve all possible errors. This solution fixes all OST errors and even recover lost and old OST files. Follow the instruction given below to run the tool:

  1. Download and Install Magus OST to PST Conversion Tool.
  2. Click on the Browse option to locate the OST file that you want to convert.
  3. Then Browse the path to save the converted PST file
  4. After then start the conversion process by clicking on the “Convert” button.
  5. Import the PST in your Outlook and finally use it.

This method is not only suitable for fixing OST file error but, also apt to recover data from an inaccessible or orphan OST file. It will help you create a PST file from OST file keeping the folder structure and other data intact. Thus, if you cannot open the OST file and wants to access it in MS Outlook and then convert OST to PST and import PST in MS Outlook.

Once the OST file is converted into PST, there are two ways to access it in MS Outlook. Either open OST or Import OST in MS Outlook. If you only want to view the OST file content the simply open it by following the steps File >> Open Outlook Data file > Select the OST file >> Click to open. Else, you can choose Import / Export option to import the PST file in MS Outlook and add it to your profile.


OST file is prone to errors and there is not full proof method to avoid this error. To resolve these errors. That is why we have discussed here some specialized methods which can help you to overcome such difficult situation. Manual option is optimal if you have minor issues but for major unknown errors, it is highly recommended to go for OST to PST tool. It is a reliable and quick way to fix all OST file error in one go. The choice is entirely your whether you want to go for a manual method to opt some paid solution to get the job done without any hassle.

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