Indians are fond of cricket! You will see that it is the most followed, viewed, and played game in India. You can see the most significant fan base for this game. For that reason, there has been a launch of some new fantasy cricket app. You have the full freedom to download fantasy cricket app and make some reasonable amounts of money by playing the game. The apps provide some great rewards and cash prizes that attract more and more people towards it. 

The fantasy cricket has grown up to new heights over the past few months and making a lot of fans throughout the world now. There are a lot of other fantasy sports as well, apart from cricket. You can play fantasy kabaddi, football, basketball, hockey, etc. 

Just have a look on some of the best fantasy cricket apps that you can choose for yourself. 


Join the best fantasy cricket app out there! Undoubtedly, it is one of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket app. Millions of people have already joined the app, and many are downloading it. There are some amazing features of this app that attracts users towards it. 

Make your cricket knowledge and skills come into use and make it count! Make your team now and have a good time playing with the live opponents. The Fantasy Dangal app provides every feature which a user is looking for. 

You have a smooth user interface in the app

There is a big pool of fantasy players

Big cash prizes every day

All types of fantasy sports available on the fantasy cricket app

There are daily offers and promos in the app. 

Referral and sign-up bonus for the users

Download the app and make your team now to play some of the best leagues and matches. 


Here is another app that promotes the motive to play games and earn money. We all know the Paytm app, and playing on the gaming app of Paytm is yet another big thing. You can download the Paytm first games app and have a good time playing. 

Our Indian cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar, is the reputed brand ambassador for the app. Play the games that you like and earn money from those games. We all know that Sachin Tendulkar would not be promoting some of the unfiltered products. 

Download fantasy cricket app and make your team participate in the fantasy games or you can also play some casual games and win money out from it. 


It is an indigenous fantasy cricket app that has made itself one of the best apps in recent years. It has some unique features that make it different from the other fantasy cricket applications. You can enjoy other fantasy sports as well, apart from cricket! Play Fantasy football, basketball, and baseball on the app. 

Enjoy some of the unique features of the app, like

A low withdrawal limit

A lot of fantasy and arcade sports

Big rewards

A good referral and sign-up program for the users. 

Instant withdrawals and fast money transfers


It stands to be one of the top fantasy cricket apps of 2022. It is a very nascent platform that gives out the best services for the users. The users can avail some of the best features from this app. 

You have this opportunity to have a low withdrawal limit, so many games to choose from, and good cash deposit schemes to make your deposits. Also, have some good bonus systems in the app. 

Download fantasy cricket app to play games and earn money at the same time. Gamezy, fantasy cricket app, already has more than 10 lakh active users who have already given out over 20 crore winnings to their users. 

Enjoy some of the best features of this app and make your time worth it with online gaming. 

  • MYTEAM11

It is one of the best fantasy cricket apps that you can download on your smartphone. Our favorite, Virender Sehwag, is the brand ambassador for the app and promotes it for the users. The app is unique because it works in 9 different languages. All the players from around the globe can have fun while playing and earning money. 

There are more than 1.5 crore downloads for the app, and users are making their accounts here! You can also download fantasy cricket app to make some good time out of your playing sessions. 

Play fantasy games, casual games that can make you win more! Make your team now and start playing to get some big awards out of it. Also, enjoy the referral and sign-up program that can give out more big awards with the app. 


The app is also known as Nostragamus pro, and is one of the top fantasy cricket apps in India by now. Have the best gameplay for cricket fantasy and also make your team. If you do not want to make your team, you can also win rewards by giving your prediction of the winner of the match. 

The prediction feature of this app is available on other fantasy sports, like Badminton, Table tennis, and boxing. 

There are a few features that makes the app much more convenient for the players. 

Earn rewards by making the predictions in the matches. 

A hub for fantasy games

Huge rewards and cash prizes

 Best referral program for the users

Wide variety of cash deposit schemes are available on the app. 

Download fantasy cricket app now in your smartphone and have a good time playing with your friends and family. 


Make your team now on the fantasy cricket app and have a good time playing. Win some amazing rewards with the app! You can make some huge winnings by playing on the real money-earning apps and having a fun session.

. The players have to pick up their team according to their convenience and see which could be the best for them. Those players have to score down the points for you, according to the scores, you would be able to win money in the matches. 

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