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Leh Ladakh Bike Trip: Complete Guide


Explore Srinagar’s ‘Heaven on Earth’ with a renowned Shikara ride and the opportunity to stay in a unique houseboat. Visit Pangong Lake, the world’s tallest saltwater lake with colors ranging from blue to green to crimson. As you drive across the world’s highest motorable passes in Leh. Let the thrill pour through your veins. In well-sanitized accommodations and cars, experience the Himalayan region in the highest safety and luxury.

The Best Time for Leh Ladakh By Bike?

The period of June to September is ideal for a bike journey across Leh Ladakh. Most riders, however, wish to begin their new year with this adventurous bike adventure since Ladakh offers stunning panoramas that can be enjoyed all year except during the monsoon season.

A Bike Trip’s Ideal Duration

An optimal time frame for a Leh Ladakh bike trip would be 15 days or more, depending on a variety of elements such as the route you’ve taken, your complete schedule, and, most importantly, the weather conditions.

The cost of a trip to Leh and Ladakh

First and foremost, you must determine your budget. Essential factors like lodging, meals, and fuel can be factored into an average budget. As a result, the cost for a bike trip to Leh Ladakh will set you back around INR 35,000 in typical circumstances. The cost of your bike tour will change based on the route you decide to go for. The price of permits and other other fees for the Leh Ladakh cycling trip are also included.

The Best Bikes for this Road Trip

Whenever you’re looking for a bike for a road trip, prioritize suitability over popularity. It’s one of the most important components of your Leh Ladakh bike trip itinerary. A bicycle tour is not advised for women who might be more than 3 months expecting, anyone who has had major surgery, has a broken leg/arm, has persistent back or neck difficulties, and so on, for safety reasons.

Hence, bikes for the bike trip are:

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan — With a powerful 400 cc engine, the Royal Enfield Himalayan will make any rugged route or off-the-beaten-path ride smooth and hassle-free.
  • Bajaj Pulsar – When compared to the Bajaj Pulsar, no other bike has been as successful in the Indian market. Pulsar is the next best alternative to Bullets.
  • KTM Duke – The fact that it is a featherweight bike can be beneficial on roads like those in Ladakh. KTM can also be an excellent alternative for a bike trip to Ladakh, thanks to a variety of new engine variations for the Duke 390 and Duke 250.
  • Honda CBR 250 – This bike is wonderful, save for the Contigo tyres, which can be difficult to handle on Ladakh’s terrain in the event of unforeseen weather. On the plus side, if the tyres can be changed, the torque and fi technology on the bike can be put to better use and serve a greater purpose.

Yamaha Fazer, Bajaj Vikrant, Yamaha FZ, and Hero Impulse are some of the other top bikes for a Leh Ladakh vacation that the association of bike rentals has considered. Though the engines on these bikes aren’t particularly powerful, they can certainly pick up some pace (without breaking any restrictions).

Best Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Route

When using Delhi as a base for a Leh Ladakh bike journey, the two main routes that offer better road conditions and scenic vistas are Srinagar to Leh and Manali to Leh. The road from Srinagar to Leh does not intersect and is a complete round from beginning to end. The Manali to Leh Ladakh bike ride route encircles the rocky Himalayan terrain, provides better views, and raises the level of effort and danger.


As a result, based on whether you want a budget hotel or a luxury hotel, an average lodging with the greatest amenities, comfort, and reviews might charge you INR 500 to INR 2,500 per night per person. With the lesser limit in mind, a 15-day trip will cost around INR 7,500 in terms of lodging. The hotels’ availability is subject to change. While traveling, always dress appropriately for the weather.

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