What are the ways to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction

Social media applications aim to keep the user active as long as possible. This situation and applied psychological methods; makes many of its users connected to social media without even realizing it. istanbulunmerkezi sayılabilecek bu semtte topkapı escort kızlarınız sizler için listeledik. If you are aware of this situation and are uncomfortable with this situation, FollowersBucket will focus on getting rid of social media addiction in this article.

Are you addicted to social media?

If you observe yourself carefully and realize that your hands go to these applications whenever you have free time, or if you encounter surprising numbers in the screen time of your phone; If you are constantly sharing on social media and you care more about the interactions on these shares than they should, unfortunately, you are a social media addict too.


Recognize why you use social media

After realizing your social media addiction; why do I spend so much time on media, why does the likes of my posts have such an important place in my life? When the answers to these questions are focused on, the underlying reasons can be very different. Feeling worthless or lonely in your social life and relationships may lead you to virtual friendships and virtual sociability. Or the lives you don’t have on social media may be making you unhappy. Feeling incomplete in the face of these shares may cause you to share constantly. These reasons, of which I can increase examples, can have bad effects on your life. And if you are thinking that you are already affected by social media to this extent, it would be better to seek psychological expert as soon as possible.

Reason to Get Rid of

Another reason that increases the use of media and causes addiction. May be the desire not to tire the mind and think about anything after a busy work schedule. Browsing around for distraction creates a numbing effect on your brain. In such a situation, you should realize that you spend more than half of your day at work. And sleep, and you should return to real life by understanding the value of your time. You should realize that you are not living the life you want to live, and you should strive to reach the life you dream of. If you are not satisfied with your job, starting a new business. Or working without thinking it is too late for your dream job. Or if you are satisfied with your job, spending more time with your family and yourself can be a step in this direction.


The desire for distraction is one of the strongest causes of social media addiction. Of course, this may cause you to form a hand habit even when you do not want to distract your mind. In order to prevent this hand habit, deleting the applications, if you need a use that cannot be deleted, changing its place on the phone to an unfamiliar area, making it difficult to reach, and in this way, it allows you to realize that you opened media and think about why.


If you realize the reason for your social media addiction, it will be easier for you to solve this situation.

If you want to get rid just because of not getting a good followers base, then please Stop! Buy Instagram followers in Nigeria and forget the worries that are making you depressed.


Digital minimalism

Minimalism; a philosophy defined as simplicity or seeing the most in the few. Digital minimalism, on the other hand, can be defined as getting rid of things that do not add meaning to your life.  Just like minimalism. Deleting meaningless applications. Following your friends that you do not call each other even once a year. Not being in groups that you do not like to chat with are ways to implement digital minimalism. While digital minimalism reduces social media addiction, It will make sense of the time you spend on social media.

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