Augmented Reality App Ideas for SMEs: The Best Ones

Augmented reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) refers to the merging of the real-world with virtual elements in order to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. Güzel, uzun bacaklı, ve sarışın denince kimlerin aklına rus escort bayanlar geliyorsa işte size gerçek profiller. This technology has already impacted the entertainment industry through Pokemon Go, the gaming industry with Microsoft Hololens, and the medical industry with surgical procedures – but there are many other exciting applications for Augmented Reality that could revolutionize SMEs around the world! In this article, we’ll look at 9 top augmented reality app ideas you can start developing right now!

1) AR Marketing Campaign

One of augmented reality’s biggest marketing potentials is to bring brand awareness to new markets. For example, if you sell a product in North America, you could release an augmented reality app that showcases your product in other countries. This may not be practical on an extremely large scale, but it’s definitely a way to boost awareness on a small level. Additionally, you can use AR to give your customers tutorials on how to use your products or services—another great way to boost customer loyalty and retention!

2) AR Guide App

Businesses that want to give their customers a guide through their products and services can use augmented reality. For example, grocery stores could place an AR marker on common goods like milk, eggs, and cheese to show consumers where these products are located within the store. The app can also provide consumers with nutritional information about these products. This is a simple, but cost-effective way to bring AR into your business’s everyday operations. You can also hire AR app developers to build your app.

3) Business Planning App

An augmented reality app that allows businesses to create a 3D representation of their business model. The user would scan their environment and select an option from a menu. The 3D model would appear on top of that real-world item, with instructions detailing how to use it or operate it. This is a great tool for retailers and service providers who have complex products or services and don’t have time to fully explain them in person.

4) Classroom Game

Bring augmented reality into your classrooms and help students engage with their lessons on a whole new level. Whether you’re a K-12 teacher looking to bring lessons to life or a university professor looking to add some fun interaction, there are plenty of ideas out there worth considering. Augmented reality apps like Aurasma, Layar, and Blippar allow teachers to bring lessons alive in front of their students while keeping them engaged in their education.

5) Showcase Your Products in an Interactive Way

One way to truly excite customers is to show off your products in a whole new light. AR allows you to display your products in real-life environments, giving users a more comprehensive and realistic view of what they can expect if they purchase your product. Think about how incredibly impressive it would be to see a sofa in someone’s living room or try on shoes before you buy them or visualize how well a new appliance will fit into your kitchen.

6) Create Fun Games

Fun, exciting games are a great way to build brand awareness and interact with consumers in new ways. Smaller businesses and startups can use AR technology to create fun, engaging apps that provide their customers with a whole new experience. These AR games also act as an effective marketing tool as you can run competitions and offer prizes to your players or customers. This leads to more customers who are exposed to your business through traditional advertising methods and word of mouth.

7) Make a Schedule Management App

Managing work and personal schedules is no small feat. It requires time, attention, and a particular kind of multi-tasking that most people aren’t comfortable with. However, as smartphones became more powerful, mobile app developers were able to create intuitive solutions that put schedule management at your fingertips—and there are plenty of reasons you should consider making an app of your own.

8) Build an Event Planner App

Event planners use the event management apps to plan and track everything from conferences to weddings. The purpose of such software is to organize, streamline, and facilitate day-to-day tasks involved in planning events like setting up a stage, arranging catering, or hiring vendors. Event planners can benefit greatly from an app that provides a centralized repository of all of their event-related material, allowing them to manage all aspects of their client’s event from a smartphone or tablet.

9) Interactive Art Exhibits

Looking to incorporate augmented reality into your exhibits? With smartphones becoming such a huge part of our lives, it’s only natural that we would want to turn our favorite paintings, sculptures, and other cultural artifacts into augmented reality experiences. These incredible interactive art exhibits will give you some inspiration for how to do so.

10) Sports App

Sports apps use augmented reality to add new dimensions to sports, especially individual team sports. For example, why not create an app that superimposes statistics or digital objects on top of footage from a live sporting event? When used in conjunction with body-mounted cameras and other smart sensors, such data could enhance how fans experience games. Individual athletes might also find these apps handy to help improve performance through feedback and visualization. For example, imagine you’re playing defense on a basketball team.

11) AR Dating Services

This is a great use of AR if you want to create a brand new business with minimal effort or cost. You can bring together two people who might otherwise not be able to find each other through traditional means. It’s also another opportunity to build revenue on your app and have users pay for every match. That way, your product also becomes a dating service and you receive revenue from subscriptions too.

12) Maps & Tourism App

This app will make it easier to find your way around with an AR-based map. The Google Maps app lets you hold up your phone and see a street view of where you are, but a dedicated AR map would let you see how far away buildings are or how busy streets are at a glance. (Think about Google Glass’s approach to navigation.) It could also be used by tourists or travel enthusiasts to learn more about their surroundings in real-time.


The technology is great, but it won’t change anything until we learn how to use it in new and unique ways. In today’s saturated markets, augmented reality offers a chance to find an audience and achieve success. It just takes imagination to create something truly awesome that no one has ever seen before. You can also connect with an AR development company in India for better assistance. They’ll help you create an augmented reality app that will suit your business needs.

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