The Best Hospital in Pakistan Treated a Most Complex Mental Disorder

The breaking news Pakistan was running on the television repeatedly when it caught my attention. I am not that of a news person, I mean I do like to stay updated but keeping an eye on all the Pakistan latest news is not my thing. Anyways the newscaster was telling it again and again that in the list of the best hospitals in Pakistan a new hospital is included which is located in the 7th largest city of Pakistan, Multan. The name of the hospital is Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, MASH. The hospital was established a while ago and with its commitment to deliver the best medical services it has become one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.

The most competent team of doctors is practicing at MASH 

MASH keeps its promise of providing state-of-the-art medical facilities. To the people of south Punjab by having a competent team of doctors. The best of the best doctors are practicing here at MASH. Be him the gynecologist, cardiologist, or the best psychologist in Multan he will be found here at MASH. There are a number of departments working in the facility, like the cardiology department. Gastroenterology Department, pulmonology, and many others but there is no psychology department.

You all must be thinking that if there is no psychology department then where does that best psychologist in Multan practice who is mentioned earlier in the article. Well, let me tell you that MASH has established a separate clinic with the name of “Spring Clinic”. Which is fully present for treating mentally challenged or disturbed people.

A psychologist helps a person to function properly

I think psychology departments or clinics like Spring Clinic are the need of the hour. With advancements in technology, there has been an evident and massive change in the lifestyle of the people. This change brought new challenges in the lives of people and has made their routines more stressful. Therefore to function properly today’s man has to visit a psychologist to keep his mind on track, fresh and relaxed. The concept of visiting a psychologist is very common in the west. Almost every other person visits a psychologist for his consultation and even people make major decisions with their help.

In Pakistan, this thing is a little new. In our society, people don’t really like to visit a psychologist. Because for them only mentally challenged or crazy people visit a psychologist. Well, gradually with time, this mindset is changing and now people have started to take therapy sessions from psychologists. A large number of people visit the Spring Clinic to get therapy sessions from the best psychologists in Multan.

The Spring Clinic made a great difference in the society

Before Spring Clinic there were few psychology departments functioning in the tertiary health care units. Which are also considered as the best hospitals in Pakistan but people were somehow reluctant to go there because of the reason mentioned above. Spring Clinic played a very important role in making mental health clinics friendly for the people.

Visiting Spring Clinic for their small mental problems doesn’t have any stigma attached now. And this became possible only because of Spring Clinic. The clinic has largely contributed to creating awareness among people that visiting a psychologist shouldn’t be taboo. Today, a large number of people visit the Spring Clinic to get therapies. From the best psychologists in Multan on a regular basis.

Spring Clinic treated a most complicated mental disorder

Apart from the therapies, psychiatrists and psychologists also treat many other mental problems. It is predominantly for treating speaking disorders. It has successfully treated people who had advanced level speaking disorders and this was another reason for MASH being part of the breaking news Pakistan. Spring Clinic has made this great achievement by successfully treating a patient with a speaking disability along with schizophrenia.

This is a very complicated case but the competent doctors at the Spring Clinic. Made it possible and became Pakistan’s latest news for their outstanding achievement. The credit not only goes to the experienced doctors but also to the clinic. which fully supported the best psychologists in Multan practicing at Spring Clinic to deal with this complex case. Spring Clinic has certainly made a great difference in society.

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