Poker Good for the Brain

Research shows that online poker is good for your brain if you need another reason to play poker today. A leading researcher in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, recently published a new study showing that playing poker is a great way to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. Brain diseases that are usually age-related. Usually in ages 50 or more, are drastically reduced.

In the study, Cummings cites a French study from 2009. In a French study, 5,000 older people played various games that stimulate mental activity. Poker was one of the games in this study and was found to be one of the most effective games in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

Poker acts like Pushups for our brain

Cummings explains the phenomenon by saying. “We have a societal conception of what retirement means, and we need to reconsider that idea. A logical extension of the data we have on dementia is that still capable people who have strong goals mentally stimulated are cognitive; it’s better to maintain this position. “Even in retirement, if we continue to be mentally stimulated. We can stay alert, use our brains, and avoid dementia and other brain disorders.

The most challenging card games require memory, strategy, and undivided attention. This can be as simple as a game of concentration or matchmaking with a partner or as complex as a game of bridge night. One of the challenges at the heart of poker is sensing and interpreting the subtle signals that other people send when trying to win the game. It combines a variety of cognitive and complex interpersonal skills that keep the brain sharp.

Poker Benifits

The immediate answer is YES when it comes to whether poker is good for your brain. The game of online poker teaches and enhances various personal skills and qualities.

Poker bluff develops your logical thinking just like any other game. Contrary to what people think about the game, playing it requires a lot of awareness and vigilance to become an expert at it. With online professional poker players (who play an average of 6-15 tables or more at a time). You cannot reason logically (even on general subjects) because their thinking is simple and precise, unaffected by momentary emotions.

Advantages of Playing Poker Online

Drastically Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s disease is a neuro-degenerative disease with a genetic predisposition for which no specific treatment has been identified. However, this can be prevented with some cognitive sports, and poker is one of them. Studies show that playing poker can reduce your chances of developing brain diseases like Alzheimer’s by more than 50 percent.

Causes Brain Re-organization

Poker acts as a support for our brain. Playing cerebral games like poker strengthens your brain and protects your nerve cells. Playing poker can help you reset your brain and build longer myelin. When we perform one activity in turn. It leads to the formation of new neural pathways. A myelin sheath surrounds Nerve fibers. It protects and nourishes nerve cells. The more often impulses are transmitted through this tissue. The thicker the myelin sheath will be. This is known as myelination. The more poker we play, the more myelin our brain produces.

Poker also helps control emotions and make quick decisions that increase cognitive capacity. Thereby, increasing your chances of maintaining a healthy brain. There are many ways that poker is good for the brain. It develops many abilities in us.

The following are the main ones:

  • Playing online games such as poker improves a player’s reading skills. Poker requires us to read and understand all its Poker rules and concepts. Poker strategies, and instructions. Some people even read poker blogs and books to understand the detailed nuances of the game.
  • During the game, players find themselves in situations where they need to think of Poker strategies and act quickly in a certain decisive way. In this way. They develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are healthy food for the brain.
  • Playing poker is a stress reliever for many people. So, it helps keep the brain relaxed.
  • Poker also improves our ability to recognize poker bluff, situations, and opponents, as players must determine the odds and probabilities in each situation when it comes to the flop flush or full house



It may seem strange, but patience is for successful people. The ability to wait for the right time to come is a skill that most people lack. Most of us have been in situations where we wish we had waited a little longer before making a decision or saying something.

Fortunately for poker players. Patience is a skill that all players must have to be successful. When poker players fold, they are less concerned about losing the pot. Other odds, other hands with better odds of winning, will undoubtedly present themselves.

It is best to wait for this opportunity instead of throwing your money away with average or completely useless hands. More often than not, in online Poker. Players are faced with this scenario, and the more patient and calculating they practice, the better decisions they will make both at the poker table and in real life.

Increase Concentration

If you don’t play with full focus, your poker wins will suffer. Many people underestimate the ability to concentrate, but frequently this is the difference between success and failure. In sports. Athletes work very hard to maintain their focus to avoid detrimental mistakes. The same goes for other tasks.

Keeping track of prizes is the best way to get to the finish line, and only poker can help you improve. Online Poker is a game that requires a lot of mental work because you are constantly trying to analyze your opponents, their moves, and the best way to play your hand, abiding by Poker rules.

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