How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

Hello, readers! Today In This blog post we are here to tell you How To Prepare For classes 11 and 12

I’ve compiled a list of some of the top physics exam preparation suggestions in this article. You will be able to do well on the physics board test as well as internal exams if you follow the suggestions and strategies outlined here.
Science is a popular subject among students in India. Many of them apply for Science stream admission after finishing 10th grade.

After completing tenth grade, they decide to study science-related studies.
Schooling in the 11th and 12th grades is an important time of a student’s life.

The stream he/she picks, as well as the subjects he/she studies, all play a significant impact in defining the type of professional degree he/she will take after high school.

In a nutshell, this stage of education has a significant impact on a student’s life and career! Let us take a closer look at the Science stream and the numerous subject combinations offered by this stream before moving on to the meat of the issue – Physics test preparation recommendations.

The science stream can be divided into two categories: PCM group and PCB group.

The mathematics group is also known as the PCM group. The PCB group is often referred to as the biological group.

Technically, there is a third group (PCMB group).

The letters P, C, M, and B stand for the main (core) subjects in each group.

The letter P stands for physics. Chemistry is represented by the letter C. The letter M stands for mathematics. The letter B stands for biology. How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

As you can see, the physics subject is shared by both the mathematics and biology groups! In short, physics is a subject that you must face/study regardless of which group you choose!

This article has been written with the needs of students studying for the physics test in 11th and 12th grade in mind. Let’s take a look at the tips, techniques, and strategies right now. They’re here –


Here are some helpful hints for passing your physics exam with flying colors –

1). Get Up Early In The Morning | How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

The first step is to begin your preparations as soon as possible. Don’t wait till the exam is almost over! Many students prefer to start studying once the exams are approaching! This is not a good idea!

Instead of wasting time, 11th and 12th-grade students should begin studying for each topic as soon as possible. There are numerous advantages to starting early.

First and foremost, it will assist you in tackling modest goals. Yes, if you start early enough, you will have the luxury of only having to deal with tiny areas of the syllabus. How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

If you start physics test preparation a month before the exam, on the other hand, you will have to cover a substantial percentage of the material in a short period.

2). MAKE AN EFFECTIVE TIMELINE | How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

It is critical to build a suitable timetable if you want to cultivate great study habits (and follow them with discipline). Sit down, take your time, and make a schedule that is both practical and efficient.

Make careful to give each subject enough study time while creating the schedule.

Making a schedule won’t help you if you can’t stick to it! After you’ve created your schedule, make sure you stick to it!


Physics is a subject that necessitates a thorough understanding of the principles.

You might do well on a physics exam if you have a fantastic memory and are exceptional at memorizing information!

However, this isn’t the best approach to understanding physics! It will benefit you in the long run if you have a solid foundation (in this subject). To build a good academic foundation (in physics), one must first master the fundamentals.

Make an effort to ask inquiries. Attempt to answer these questions. Instead of rote learning, think more. Understand the fundamental ideas.

This is the most effective method of learning.

4). NOTES ON PREPARE | How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

Make it a habit to take notes while reading physics chapters. Important points, equations, definitions, and things to remember should all be included in a decent notebook.

These notes will aid you in remembering crucial formulae, definitions, and points in the future. You can return to these notes at any moment to refresh and revise key concepts and equations.

5). PROBLEMS TO SOLVE | How To Prepare For Class 11 and 12

Theoretical and numerical sections of a physics syllabus can be divided into two categories. When dealing with these portions, one must employ a variety of learning strategies.

Make sure to complete practice sets and problems while working on the numerical part. Numerical problems should not be solved by reading or memorizing problem sets.

Take out a notebook, sit down, and work through those math problems.

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