What Are The Core Strategies Of Walmart’s Business Model?

The motto of the company is Walmart’s business model. It is the following:

“leading on price, investing in differentiating on access, being competitive on assortment and delivering a great experience by the motto or EDLP (Everyday Low Prices).”

With a firm commitment towards EDLP (Everyday low prices) Walmart’s main goal is to reduce costs which in turn means lower costs for customers.

Additionally, Walmart strives to operate an omnichannel business model that allows customers to gain access to a large range of products anytime regardless of where they are.

What Are The Key Objectives Of Walmart’s Business Model?

The main goals of the Walmart business model are:

Lead On Price

 In this way, its products and services are accessible to the whole population.

To do that, Walmart purchases items from suppliers in bulk to enhance its bargaining power. They also purchase items at the lowest costs.

Furthermore, Walmart organizes its redistribution system to ensure that the goods delivered to the warehouse

Different Points Of Access

Walmart has expanded its reach to the populace through small-format stores as well as retail, marketing via digital, and services that are difficult to access, like clinics and pharmacies.

Customer Satisfaction

With a keen desire to satisfy customers, Walmart strategizes on customer retention by providing them with the most enjoyable shopping experience.

In addition, Walmart provides a policy of money-back guarantees to customers who aren’t completely happy with the services of the company.

How Would You Describe Walmart’s Business Strategy And Model?

Walmart’s model of business can be compared to the firm’s policy, which is founded in “everyday low prices.”

The ideal business model follows the cost-leadership business model that is facilitated by the economies of scale

that the business has developed.

In the end, Walmart commits itself to providing a broad selection of products at the most affordable prices possible and also offers customers the option to choose a suitable channel for buying.

Additionally, the efficient use on the internet to sell products enhances the retail operation in all its aspects and results in a general growth in revenues for the company.

How Would You Characterize The Business Model Of Walmart?

Walmart’s business strategy model is characterized by the cost-leadership approach.

To transform this model into efficient operational operations management is constantly seeking to link Walmart’s competitive advantage to the cost of products, the availability, selection and knowledge.

The following newly introduced strategies have fueled Walmart’s effort to boost the business strategy:

Increased Focus On Customer Service

To improve the level of customer service and overall experience buying, Walmart invests in hourly employees to pay higher wages along with in-depth education and more career advancement opportunities.

Improving Groceries At The Store

Over the last couple of decades, Walmart has showcased a recent initiative to boost the number of groceries in their stores due to the rising number of people who are conscious of their health.

Presently, Walmart has been boosting the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and organic products.

Improving The Flexibility Of The Shopping Experience

Walmart is working to integrate brick and mortar with online eCommerce.

For example, Walmart recently introduced a feature that lets customers place orders on the internet to pick up the items at the physical store.

Additionally, the program provides SMS reminders to customers when they purchase items at the drugstore.


In general, Walmart maintains its competitive advantage by implementing a sustainable and long-term business plan.

However, the business can be replicated by implementing the model in an entirely new market and be successful

in its rise.

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