The Subsequent Revolution In Global e-learning

E-Learning; A New Course Of Action 

The prevalent COVID-19 pandemic scenario has not diminished the merit and significance of knowledge but has altered the course of action in which it is obtained. E-learning is that new course of action. 

Via the assistance of e-learning translation services, people all over the world have the opportunity to directly ingress knowledge by technology. 

AI, Machine-Based Learning & Video Virtualization 

E-learning is one of the most auspicious business ventures in today’s global era. According to some statistics, it will probably reach a net value of $332 billion by 2025. That is because e-learning will evolve via the amalgamation of artificial intelligence, machine-based learning software, and video virtualization. 

A new era has begun. An era where e-learning will be the most enthralling contemporary way to ameliorate human existence and society as a whole.

Swimming In A Sea Of Content 

Internet Traffic In The Light Of Video Content 

E-learning owes its popularity to video content. Video enables an influx of digital content in the form of recorded lectures and tutorials. According to the facts shared by Cisco, videos will constitute over 85% of the internet traffic by 2022.

If you ever wonder which asset is the most valuable in the domain of online learning, then nothing beats the content available via videos. Hence, it is the responsibility of every person in the digital era to preserve videos. 

The Era Of YouTube

Nowadays, the most accessible source of learning from your peers and socialization via video-generated content is YouTube. Moreover, e-learning platforms are being acquired by Fortune 500 companies. For instance, was acquired by LinkedIn.

Written instructions or documented manuals are the concepts of the past. And, according to some analysts, even obsolete. Nowadays, consumers are attracted and persuaded by video content.

If you want to learn the basic chess strategies, would you buy a book or surf through the internet and listen to some experts talk about basic chess strategy on YouTube? 

If you choose the latter, then surely you are of the majority. However, if you still purchase manuals, you are opting for an inefficient method. 

Technology’s Role In Education


The owner of a video aims to conserve and manage the possession of his or her video asset. Meanwhile, ensuring his content reaches the maximum number of customers. 


The massive network of video sharing allows owners to monetize their content as well. But the important thing pertains to the quality of content. And especially if it’s educational. Transcreation services provide assistance to owners who want to expand their educational content to broader markets. 

Governing Extensive Video Libraries

Without the inculcation of technology, it becomes almost impossible to govern the extensive video libraries. Alliances that provide online learning cannot function effectively without utilizing a learning management system. 

On the other hand, Digital Asset management systems will do a good job of commanding the content as well. It organizes the back-end complications of humongous video libraries.  

Online Certification & Degrees 

The Pre-COVID-19 era was already witnessing an exponential rise in online degrees. The post-Covid scenario has somehow emboldened the alternative of online certification. The higher education sector has also started arrogating to e-learning platforms. 

Hence, more e-Learning translation services are establishing their platforms owing to the funding provided by universities and educational institutions.  

According to some statistics, 6.4 million students enrolled in online classes back in 2018. This figure has increased to over 9 million in 2021. 

Utility Of Online Learning

A preconceived notion pertaining to the utility of online learning is that it’s only needed when an individual wants to learn a new language or skill.  On the contrary, firms, educational institutions, and legislative bodies have inculcated e-learning models for various activities. 

These mainly include;

  • Compliance based training e.g., Hurak Education software
  • Online certification after taking the course and then passing the exam, e.g.; customer care courses on LinkedIn
  • Higher education degrees

Training Employees 

According to some statistics shared by Edgepoint Learning, around 43% of well-known firms utilize e-learning platforms for the training of their employees and interns. After they complete the training, experts believe that this gives them a competitive edge over their fellow competitors. 

Virtual Meetings 

Various professionals belonging to different industries like Finance, Law, Medicine, Marketing, Customer Care, or public safety can attend worldwide seminars without physically being present at the location. Via webinars or platforms like Zoom, people can connect and learn from each other.  

The Footprint Of Video Virtualization 

Data Extraction 

One of the biggest impacts of Video virtualization is the notion of data extraction. If you extract data from a video, it optimizes the worth of that particular video, as viewers have the option to draw out the specific information they require. 

Cognitive Research 

The inculcation of Artificial intelligence allows the categorization of an entire video frame by frame. So that when the time of extraction comes, cognitive research allows the user to receive what he needs. 

Rather than reviewing multiple videos in the video libraries, he will receive content cataloged by topics and keywords. 

This will concoct a contemporary world for education., and especially virtual online education. 


Artificial intelligence is often seen as a fictional entity that is perceived vis-a-vis sci-fi movies. However, in the era of technology, everything is possible. 

Artificial intelligence will change the course of online education. Data extraction will enable people to just ask for any piece of information. And the AI will construct a customer engendered video that will provide precise view more information.  

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