Twitter Verification: How to Get Verified on Twitter

Twitter Verification: How Do You Go About It?

A birdie advised us to know the best way to go about Twitter verification.

The method of applying has changed since a buy twitter followers uk couple of weeks ago, but very quickly, Twitter had to put the application in a pause…

…and afterward, they continued using the new method.

So in this article we’ll be clearing the confusion and taking you through the latest Twitter verification procedure.

Why Get Verified On Twitter?

Since the month of May 20, 2021 Twitter began rolling out verification apps to all users.

If you’ve clicked this article, we’re assuming you have an idea of exactly what the verifiable badge signifies However, to be sure, let’s talk about it quickly.

“The blue badge of verification on Twitter will let people know that a Twitter account with public interest is genuine.

To earn this blue badge your profile needs to be verified, noteworthy in active.

To maintain and encourage trust between users of the platform, you’ll be required to verify your identity to Twitter for you to become verified.”

It is common to see these badges on verified accounts of celebrities for instance for Kevin Hart, to confirm that it’s actually Kevin Hart tweeting…

…and not just someone pretending as Kevin Hart.

However, businesses can also have certified badges as well!

One important benefit of verified accounts on social media is that they help customers be aware of which accounts belong to you or your company.

Now the question remains… how do you do in order to gain Twitter verification?

The New Process On Twitter Verification

The new method involves filling out applications right from your account.

It is possible to do this from your smartphone using the mobile app , or on your desktop.

First step: Hit the more … option then click Options and Privacy. Then then click Your Account, click Account Details.

Step 2: Then under ‘Verified’ click Request Verification.

Step 3. Click”Start Request” and then follow the instructions. Select from the options you’ll need to specify the kind of account you own.

4. After that, you’ll need to select between two options to demonstrate your account is eligible for public exposure and news coverage.

To be considered a public entity you’ll need to submit an online link that can prove of your presence in public indexes like Google Trends, public stock exchanges, etc.

To cover news you’ll need to submit three links from credible news outlets who have reported on…

…or mentioned either your Twitter account or you in the last six months.

We have published our article on The Profit on CNBC. The Profit for example.

5. Following that, choose the method you’d like them to confirm that it’s actually you It could be through:

  • a government-issued ID,
  • an email address with the same domain with your web address URL (which you’ll also complete) or
  • the official website that refers to your Twitter account as well as you.

Sixth step: When you’ve completed everything they will show you an acknowledgment screen such as this one to let you know they’ve received your inquiry.

Then it’s in Twitter’s control to make the decision whether or not they want to verify the authenticity of you.

It can take several weeks for them to be back in touch with the way you were…

…but it is possible that they “may pause accepting any new applications until they have gotten through their backlog.”

It was exactly the same thing in May when Twitter launched Twitter applications.

They were flooded with such a large amount of requests that they were forced to close applications within a few days of having were able to open them.

As of this moment they’re now accepting applications once more.

Once you’ve learned the steps needed for Twitter authentication, you likely want to know…

What To Do If Twitter Disapproved Your Application?

What will happen if they return to you, and tell you that they are not interested? !

If they do not verify your identity, you are able to apply for verification every 30 days.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that they “do not comment on individual verification decisions.”

This means that they are able to reject your application, and do not need to justify why.

After all that, you could feel a bit insecure, “what if they keep refusing to accept my application month after month? What can I do? ?”

One suggestion that we’re trying as we’re writing this article is to fill out an impersonation application.

If you are able to show Twitter that users are attempting to be your company or you…

…that’s another reason to issue you the confirmation badge to stop this from occurring.

You can use the following link for information on how to file a complaint against someone who is impersonating you or falsely claiming to represent your company.

We would only complete this form if you believe that you are being impersonated by someone else.

Don’t just fill out a form and lie in order to be verified, and then jump into these trends in social media…

…because we’re not certain of the consequences might be. This could cause you much more harm than it does good.

On the last page of submission, it requires you to “declare under penalty of perjury that all of the information provided is accurate.”

For us, however, LYFE Marketing gets impersonated constantly.

We don’t know how many times we’ve received DMs of names or an email of a person…

…that has been calling the people pretending to be from us in order to make them a fool.

If that does happen then we must message them again and inform them that the they are not associated with our company in any manner.

Therefore, for us, it was logical to complete the form for impersonation that we completed this morning.

As of the time we’re writing this article We haven’t yet received a response from Twitter regarding their decision.

Before you head off to fill in your application We want you to look over the list of accounts that are not eligible.

Types Of Accounts That Cannot Get Twitter Verification

Marketing Tips!

These kinds of Twitter accounts do not qualify for the blue badge, per se.

The fan account and the parody

Pets and fictional characters not directly associated with an established business

Accounts that have been involved in serious violation of Twitter’s rules

Accounts of groups or individuals that are involved in coordinated destructive activity or content that is hateful

Requirements To Meet To Be Considered

In addition, there are certain conditions you must be able to meet before you can be considered.

Your account has to be active and have a proof of compliance with rules of Twitter. Twitter Rules. This includes:

  • Fully: You must have an account name as well as a profile picture.
  • Activity Use The user must be registered for the account within the past six months.
  • Secure: Your account should have a valid email address or a phone number.
  • Twitter Rules: The account should not have experienced a 12-hour lockout or 7-day lockout due to a violation of Twitter Rules. Twitter Rules in the past year (excluding appeals that have been successful).

Let’s suppose you actually receive the blue badge of verification from Twitter!

This is great, but make sure that you don’t take any action that could cause you to lose it.

Reasons Why Twitter Might Remove Your Verified Badge

Twitter reserves the right to remove your verified badge in the event that you:

  • Make changes to your username (@handle)
  • /If your account is inactive or unfinished
  • “If the owner of the account is no longer for which position they were initially verified and do not otherwise meet Twitter’s criteria for buy 500 twitter followers uk verification since leaving such position”
  • you are found to be violating Twitter’s guidelines

Make sure that your username matches what you’d like to use for the rest of your life prior to submitting your application.



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