What Should You Do When You Get QuickBooks Error PS038?

QuickBooks Desktop has been ruling the accounting world for more than a decade now. The features and tools that QuickBooks provides its users with can manage almost all the accounting and wealth management tasks. However, the benefits of using QuickBooks Desktop cannot hide the fact that it is prone to errors and bugs, just like other accounting programs. Among the most common errors is QuickBooks error PS038, which falls under the category of PSXXX errors and gets triggered when users try to use payroll or download payroll updates. An error message appears on the computer display stating when paychecks get stuck as “Online to Send.” There can be numerous reasons behind such a payroll error that we intend to discuss with you through this post, alongside the troubleshooting fixes.

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What can be the causes behind the occurrence of Payroll Error PS038?

Payroll error PS038 generally occurs when the version of QuickBooks Desktop gets outdated and requires updates. Albeit, there can be other reasons too behind it, such as:

1. Any of the paychecks has been stuck as “Online to Send” in payroll.

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What are the best troubleshooting fixes for QuickBooks Error PS038?

Solution 1: Download the present-day updates of your QuickBooks Desktop

1. Close your QuickBooks Desktop program.
2. Right-click the icon of QuickBooks Desktop and select the Run as administrator option.
3. On the No Company Open window, move to the Help menu.
4. From the drop-down list, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
5. Move to the Options tab and select the Mark All checkbox.
6. Click on the Save button.
7. Move to the Update Now tab and select the Reset Update checkbox.
8. Click on the Get Updates button to get the present-day updates of your QuickBooks program.
9. Restart QuickBooks Desktop and select the Yes option when it asks you to install the downloaded QuickBooks updates.

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Solution 2: Run the QuickBooks Verify/Rebuild tool to fix the issue of stuck paychecks

1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and move to the File menu.
2. Hover over the Utility option.
3. From the side list of options, select the Verify Data option.
4. If the Verify Data tool displays stuck paychecks in the results, proceed ahead.
5. Move to the File menu again and then select the Utility option.
6. From the side list of options, select the Rebuild Data option.
7. If the Rebuild Data tool displays that it has fixed the issue of stuck paychecks, open QuickBooks and try to perform the required action.


If QuickBooks Error PS038 persists even after going through the troubleshooting solutions mentioned above in the post, then there might be some issues with the QuickBooks program files, such as corruption. Therefore, our advice for you is to repair your QuickBooks program for Windows. You can also get over Payroll error PS038 by getting instant troubleshooting assistance from our Payroll professionals at +1 (855)-948-3646.

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