Expert Guide to Write a Great Literature Review


Once you have decided on a research topic, you need to review the literature on the selected topic. A literature review is the summary of all the works that have been published. Writing a broad literature review is important in a research project and in its publication. Though, there are many advantages to writing a great literature review.

Recently Science Career asked scientists to discuss the importance of literature, and they got several responses. Once Dr Denis Bauer said in this research, “Staying up to date with the literature is perhaps the single most important skill that remains crucial throughout a researcher’s career. Without knowing where the current gaps are, your findings will either be old hat or too out in the left-field to be cited right away.”


Having a detailed literature review can benefit you in many important ways. It is a scientific manuscript that is submitted for publication in a report or journal. A broad literature review shows the reader that you have done your research, and you are aware of the recent research in your field. 


There is no doubt that perfect written literature is important for your research paper. Whenever you search for the literature related to your research topic, you may see that there is not much literature that has been published. But, this is wrong. The research output increases globally every year at the rate of 2.5 million. It is because no one from your field has worked on it or written on it. Thus you are exploring something unique. This is the most common and frustrating thing that usually happens to every other PhD student. In case you are having a struggle, then go for the best dissertation writing service UK. They will probably help you a little bit in this regard. 


Great Literature Reviews Have

  • Mention a brief analysis of the published articles, journals into a group so that will help readers to look for new questions and unresolved debates on the research paper. 
  • Conclude the most important and relevant feature of the scientific literature related to the research topic. 
  • Talk about what has been discovered in the research topic and by whom, identify the area of disagreement and identify potential gaps also highlight what current research tells about this topic. 
  • Establish the understanding of the background of the research topic and highlight which study is important and errors in current studies. 


Guide to Write a Great Literature Review


Having a great literature review depends on many factors, including its exact purpose, the length of the paper, the disagreement from the previous study, the tension between existing theories, etc. 

  • Historical background of the research topic

Inspect what has been discovered related to the topic in order to point out what is new and important to discuss in the study. Moreover, to analyze the topic itself to know the depth of the fields even in a small area. Providing the list of the historical background shows other researchers your knowledge in theoretical concepts. You should also know how to paraphrase the content to avoid plagiarism in work. 

  • Current factors of the research

Discuss main issues, questions, and debates in your research field. As with new research coming every day, new work is updating at that pace. So, you can show how your research fits in that context. Also, explain the developments and trends in the research. 

  • Appropriate theories and concepts

Only discuss relevant theories and concepts because they provide a sound knowledge of your research. For example, if you are discussing the relationship between the human population and ecological environments, then you should provide theories and models related to it. Moreover, if your study discusses sustainability, then provide a model or theory that underpin the concepts. If it focuses on invasive species, then choose context related to it.

  • Define and introduce relevant terminologies

In the market of research, the meaning of the terms is straightforward and stable. However, if you used the term that is specific to your research topic, then you should have to define that meaning in the introduction chapter or in the conclusion of the literature review. 

  • Evaluate the selected published paper

Describe the published paper and show how your research topic fills the gaps of the previous work. Use literature review as evidence, what works, what does not work, and what is required to fill the gap in the previous study. 

  • Provide evidence

Present evidence for the issue you raise in your research that shows its importance. Add references related to your research paper because it shows your study is reputable, and it builds upon previous studies that other researchers have developed. 


  • Ask for help 

If you fail to do it all, then don’t hesitate to ask for help. Start by approaching your university librarian, asking her for a subscription to the specific journal. If you found one, then remember to identify it. Moreover, ask your advisor, professor, or senior colleague. It is perfectly okay to ask them so they can guide you in the right direction. Therefore, you could also seek help from ResearchGate, case study writing service writers Quora and Mendeley, who are virtual advisors and are designed for researchers. You can easily interact with other researchers and ask for the journal that you are stuck in finding. 

  • Use of correct keywords

One of the biggest problems that some students face is that they never use the correct term to find the material. It is necessary to use keywords that should be well defined and only target the research topic that you are looking for. Identify the main concept behind your research question and then define keywords. If you want your search quickly, then use the keywords which you are going to use in your paper. This way, those keywords show relevance to your field. Moreover, it will encourage you to be more accurate in defining the concepts behind your keywords.

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