Steps To Achieve Success for Claiming Holiday Compensation

Holiday’s purpose is always meant to bring joy, bliss, peace, and satisfaction. If an objective of your holiday is not achieved it is your right to claim for its compensation. Due to reasons like nausea, hay fever, infection or other issues holidays could go wrong. You would get compensation from the company you book with; in case something went wrong with your holiday (avail your right!). You could book holiday compensation solicitors if your flight got delayed, went on a holiday with linked travel arrangements, independent traveller, if there was a problem with a room, and for a holiday package. These professionals would guide you with the exact information and help which you require. This article might help you in enlightening about how to successfully claim holiday compensation. 

Steps to Achieve Success for Claiming Holiday Compensation 

There are several steps to achieve success for claiming holiday compensation which are as follows:

Check the Type of Holiday 

It’s crucial to check the type of holiday you booked for yourself. Consider examining how you booked different parts of your holidays for yourself. Call the company, check the information you got before booking your holiday, what you were told? What information did you receive? 

If you determine all these questions, you will understand the type of holiday you booked which would immensely help you in claiming your holiday compensation.

Is it a Package Holiday?

You would need to see if you booked a package holiday. If you have booked several types of travel services of a travel agent from the same travel organiser at the same time, then it would be a packaged holiday. To illustrate it further, if you have booked a hotel and a flight through a travel agent. The trip needs to include an overnight stay and a trip which is more than one day.

The travel services of your holiday would include transport such as coach or train accommodation, rental of vehicles including motorhomes, motorcycles, and cars. The travel package could also include other tourist services such as sports events, entrance to an amusement park, or concerts. Similarly, if the travel agent charges you a total price of a package or calls it. Similarly, if you made another booking within 24 hours of the first holiday. Or, because the first company passed them so, you didn’t require them to give you your details. To illustrate it further, if you just click on the flight link and you don’t have to complete the details again by yourself and book another one. 

You have ‘Linked Travel Arrangements

To check linked travel arrangements, you will need to examine the following things.

  • You book the same trip from 2 or more travel services with different companies. 
  • If you book your travel from one company and booking services of another company then it would also be the linked travel arrangements.
  • After the first booking of your flight, you made a second booking of a flight in 24 hours.
  • Your trip includes an overnight stay or more than 24 hours.

Are you an Independent Traveller?

You are an independent traveller if you don’t link travel arrangements, or booked a package holiday, or you organised your holidays by yourself. 

Ask for Compensation by Writing to the Company

To write a compensation letter, you should know who you booked the holiday through, as they would depend on it. If you booked your flight through a linked travel arrangement or booked yourself then write to the service provider or to the accommodation provider. Write to the customer services department of the tour operator you used if you booked a package holiday. For the company or agency you contacted and booked your flight you will need to write to them. 

In your writing includes how much compensation you want, copies of receipts, clear details of what went wrong, booking references, and copies of evidence such as your travel photos, places you went etcetera. 

Keep in mind…

  • Always keep a copy of your letter registered by post.
  • If you email the company, keep a copy of your email saved. 
  • If you think the company is offering lower than what you asked, remind them of your offer. 

Take away

If you religiously follow the above mentioned steps, then you would meet with success in claiming holiday compensation. If you are still not satisfied with travel agency interaction, you might consider contacting ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents).

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