Disaster Averted With Best Remote Spy App For Android

Since the pandemic hits, the whole world has changed. Staying home, doing all activities by yourself, not going out, no entertainment is the new normal. Now after the vaccination, businesses are starting to open. People are meeting with each other. But the time all of us spend at home seriously affects some habits. Working at home sure has some repercussions. We are constantly struggling to get back on in our daily routine and working in an office environment. As a new company owner, I am facing these issues and was in search to make my team more diligent. Most of them are found browsing the internet, social media, and doing all the things to avoid work.

I went out on lunch with my friend and told him all the troubles I am facing. I recall a past incident where one of my employees spilled coffee on a laptop and the motherboard got burned, which contains the final quotation and details of the plan. That was such a critical time, next day we had a meeting with a potential client and it blew out. It was such a loss to the company and a lot of hard work of employees has been wasted.

OgyMogy remote spy app 

My friend heard calmly about all my complaints and calm me down and made me understand how difficult it is for everyone to get back to work after such a long hiatus. He gave me the idea to use the OgyMogy the best remote spy app for android, it has many features and can be installed on both laptops and mobile phones. I thought about it and decided to go with it, I used the app with the mindset if it works that will be great, if not I have nothing to lose. But I did not expect how great will it proved to be for my company environment. It has many features I can use and keep an eye on my employees to make the work environment more productive.

Trust Worthy App:

One of the biggest advantages I think it has is the presence of the online portal. All the work that is currently in progress is also being saved as an online backup. I do not have to go through the horrifying incident again to lose my important files and reports.

Activity Log:

This is where most of the gains I see in the daily progress of employees. Now they knew I can track their online activity so they were more serious about work. I made the rule on not using social media and internet browsing for more than one hour. If anyone’s activity shows more time than this they will face a penalty. By doing this I get two benefits, aware that there is a check and balance system. Secondly not depriving them totally since I know you need some breaks to get your mind fresh. You can check the time log of your employees and what documents they are accessing. If someone is not completing their hours you can show the report to them and advise them to complete work hours.

Continous Timely Engagement:

Since I have access to the work they are currently doing. If they need my approval or idea or any new thing they leave a question there for me. If I am not available in the office or on a business trip, I can check that and give my feedback to them. They do not need to wait on me for any minute detail and delay their work. It is such a time saver and saves the time of going back and forth.

Keystroke Logging:

Keystroke logging is another great advantage of the OgyMogy app, it saves the keystroke you are using, and what time they are used, and on what machine. This is beneficial for company secret projects and future bidding and quotations. You can make a list of words that are related to your projects and if someone used those it will be notified. You can ensure the security and privacy of your clients. With the emails your employees used, you can see the content whether they are leaking any information. It makes a detailed file and emails you if any suspicious keystrokes are used.

The pandemic is still here and we all should be prepared for the new normal.

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