From color-changing labels to recyclable pharmaceutical packaging, here is everything you need to know

Pharmaceuticals have become a general need for the majority of the population. Pharmaceuticals are used to treat a variety of diseases, from minor to major. Earlier, the medication included plants and herbal remedies. However, advancements in the industry have increased the efficacy of a compound. Just like pharmaceuticals, it’s packaging also plays an essential role in the industry. Pharmaceutical packaging is a foremost thing that cannot be compromised in terms of quality. It assures the safety of the medicine and prevents it from chemical reactions. In addition, the packaging is mandatory to save the pharmaceuticals for the mentioned time period. 

Pharmaceutical packaging contains important information about the medicine, including manufacturing and expiry date. However, companies are continuously unveiling strategies to cater to consumers’ needs. Plastic bottles, parenteral containers, blister packing, specialty bags, closures, and labels are some of the products used in pharmaceutical packaging. 

SteriPack Group acquired HS Design in February 2021, to offer design, development, and contract manufacturing services.  

The invention of color-changing labels:

Hally Labels, a self-adhesive label printer, introduced innovative thermochromic labels for pharmaceutical packaging. The label color changes when the medicine is not stored under the notified condition, such as specified temperature. To bring up the innovation, Hally Labels employs irreversible thermochromic ink, which changes the color with the temperature. 

Packaging that tracks your dosage

The advancements are growing in every industry, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry is surely not lagging behind. Westrock, under the brand name CerePak®, launched a microprocessor-enabled packaging solution that can track the dosage of the patient. The most important feature is that the microprocessor chip is not visible. In addition, this technology vibrates to remind patients about their dose. 

The recyclable packaging 

Recyclable packaging is one of the prominent demands growing globally. The environment-related concerns and rapidly boosting the demand to introduce eco-friendly products. Moreover, pharmaceutical packaging materials significantly contribute to increasing pollution. Thus, various companies have started offering environment-friendly products to cater to consumer demands. 

Recognizing the potential scope of the industry, market players are continuously innovating solutions to grab the end-user attention and cater to the growing demands. Amcor plc, Becton, Dickinson, and Company, AptarGroup, Inc., Drug Plastics Group, Gerresheimer AG, and Schott AG are some of the prominent players leveraging the industry growth. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Romaco Siebler and foil specialist Huhtamaki made headlines in the past. The manufacturers unveiled their plans to introduce a range of recyclable unit dose packaging made from recyclable polyolefin laminate.

Amcor, one of the prominent players in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, developed innovative recyclable healthcare packaging. This breakthrough packaging possesses the potential to change the sustainability of healthcare packaging. In addition, this innovation will offer the first-ever child-resistant and senior-friendly (CRSF) recyclable solution. Moreover, this new packaging will meet stringent regulations.

The never-ending growth of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

The pharmaceutical packaging market will surely witness favorable growth opportunities in the coming years due to the growing prevalence of diseases. Astute Analytica estimates that the global pharmaceutical packaging industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2027. The growth of the industry can be attributed to the rising demand for novel drugs, increasing prevalence of diseases, and growing population. 

The demand for pharmaceuticals is never-ending. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for pharmaceuticals increased rapidly. As a result, it ultimately fueled the growth of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Furthermore, growing R&D and growing demand for advanced manufacturing processes to develop sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions are driving the market growth.

In addition, growing acquisitions, expansion, and investments are significantly boosting the market growth. For instance, Origin Pharma, a UK-based pharmaceutical solution provider, established its second pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing facility at Alderley Park, UK, in 2019. This development aims to develop advanced digital pharma packaging products. 

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