Booster Massage Gun: What is it, Benefits, Functioning

Purposeful, gentle kneading of different muscles in the body by a trained massage therapist can effectively assist in easing aches, increasing blood flow, and lulling you into a euphoric state of relaxation.

But it is not feasibly possible to book a massage appointment every day, so wondering what can come to your rescue. Well, get hands-on a Booster Massage Gun that serves a similar purpose.

It is small, portable, and equally simple to use. It is way more convenient to use and less costly than a trip to a massage therapist.

But what are the benefits this massage gun offers? If you are pondering over whether these massage guns can really diminish soreness, improve range of motion, and aid in recovery, then, here’s all you need to know.


What Is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun or a pain relief massager is a vibration therapy or percussive therapy device which is a small handheld tool that delivers pulsing, rapid, vibrating pressure to your muscle fibers and fascia. Most booster percussion massage guns are lightweight, portable, and cordless. 


How Do Massage Guns Work?

You can use the massage guns after a workout session to reduce the rapid bursts of pressure to stimulate the skin’s sensory cells that in turn help lessen the feeling of pain or soreness.

When your elbow hits the wall corner, think of the instinct to rub your elbow, this manual manipulation eases the pain signaling. Likewise, percussive therapy also provides anabolic mechanical signals to your muscles and tendons that help increase blood flow to the area and soothe it for the short term.


Benefits of Massage Guns

Massage guns aren’t only for use by serious athletes. To help improve range of motion, ease muscle soreness, and increase blood flow to tight or tense areas, anyone and everyone can use a massage gun, if used in a proper manner. Take a look at some of the major reasons why you must consider adding a muscle massage gun to both your warm-up and cooldown routine for a healthy workout session.


Lessen Soreness

As per various researches, vibration therapy may be as effective as massage in preventing delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Massage guns assist in increasing the blood flow to your muscles, tendons, and fascia. This helps in feeling more relaxed and less tense. For many, this feeling even assists the post-workout recovery process.


Improve Range of Motion

As per many customer reviews, many people prefer booster percussion massage guns to foam rollers or other self-myofascial protocols for increasing lower limb range of motion. It is recommended to use massage guns during your warm-up routine to increase the range of motion and even after a workout to help minimize DOMS. Massage guns can even help warm up tissues so you can stretch your quad a little better.


Manage Scar Tissue

Massage guns can be effective for treating the scars, depending on which tool you’re using, high-velocity or low-amplitude vibration.

If you have undergone any recent surgery that has left a scar on your tissue, such as Achilles surgery, then, vibration therapy may help with managing how the scar tissue adheres to the skin. But much before you use a massage gun, always check with the doctor and ensure that the wound has healed enough first.


How to Use a Booster Massage Gun? 

Use the Booster handheld massager gun as part of a dynamic warm-up protocol to help increase range of motion and further prepare muscles for training. If you are someone working, who has been sitting at a desk all day long, but now you wish to go for a run, then use a massage gun that can help heat up the muscles in your quads, hamstrings, and calves.

To increase muscle mobility, try moving the joints around the muscles you’re vibrating with the massage gun. You should focus on increasing your range of motion when the massage gun warms up your muscles. Use light pressure and don’t jack it up to the highest level, just in case you think more might be better. After exercises, you can even use it in the cool-down session. 


Final Takeaway

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a convenient, easy-to-use tool to help you warm up, improve range of motion, and ease muscle soreness, then, all you need is a booster massage gun to suit your budget and needs.

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