How Many Types of Atta Chakki are there?

We have heard a lot that whole wheat flour is healthier than ready-made flour. But how can we get this whole wheat flour? Earlier, people used to go to flour mill shops to grind their grains. Though this is still an option, the recent pandemic and lockdown have made it difficult to travel to a flour mill shop. 

Therefore, the best option to get whole wheat at home is to buy a domestic atta chakki machine. Different types of flour mills are available in the market, and purchasing a flour mill also involves several features. This article will provide a complete guide on the kinds of flour mills.

Why should you use an Atta Chakki at home?

  • The first benefit of using an atta chakki machine at home is that it can retain all nutrients while grinding the grains. As a result, the food you will eat will be of greater nutritional value and better taste. 

Moreover, it can crush all kinds of grains and spices. Therefore, it can be a machine of great utility. 

  • Secondly, buying atta chakki at home will save you a lot of time and money as you do not have to travel to the flour mill shop and stand in lines for grinding the grains.
  • Lastly, in commercial flour mills, a lot of flour is wasted and flours of different qualities get mixed. There is an impurity in the quality and quantity of the grains. Buying an atta chakki at home will ensure that no grains are wasted and mixed.

What are the Different types of flour mills?

  • Stoneless flour mill machine: A stoneless atta chakki machine is a closed electronic unit that comes with a small hopper, where you can place all the grains and spices to grind them in a powdered state. 

These grains are transferred to the grinding chamber that comprises rotating blades to grind them into fine particles. 

  • Stone flour mill: A stone flour mill can be an advanced version of the traditional flour mill. Unlike stoneless flour mills, these machines come with an open unit. They are mainly used for commercial purposes. The bedstone is the base of the machine. The machine is stationary. The runner stone sits on top of it. This runner stone rotates above the bedstone and crushes the grains into even particles. 

Stone mills follow the same working procedure as a traditional flour mill. Since this is an entirely open unit, it is unsafe, especially for kids, as they can put their hands inside the machine.

  • Fully automatic flour mill: Fully automatic domestic atta chakki machines are the most popular ones and are ideal for a hassle-free experience. You have to add the grains to the hopper, and it will automatically work to grind the grains. 


  • Traditional flour mill: In a traditional flour mill, there are two circular stones. The upper stone is the hopper. Now, the grains are placed between the two stones, and the upper stone is made to rotate on the lower stone. You have to rotate the hopper manually. 

The pressure exerted due to this rotation crushes the grains. Since this is a manual procedure, it is time as well as energy-consuming. The grains may not be ground properly. This is also an open unit.  

What are the factors to consider while buying an atta chakki machine?

  • Durability: You have to invest around INR 15,000 to buy a decent flour mill. Since this is quite a large sum of money, you must go for an atta chakki machine that will last for 10-15 years.
  • Ease of cleaning:There are plenty of flour mills that are equipped with an in-built vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning.

However, these models are expensive. So, even if you buy a machine without any vacuum cleaner, the interior must be made of stainless steel so that you can easily clean and wash it with wet and dry clothes.

  • Child safety features:A child safety lock is one of the most important features of an atta chakki if you have kids at home. The grinding process will stop if the door of the grinding chamber is opened.
  • Grinding capacity: Grinding capacity is another essential factor affecting the machine’s efficiency. A grinding capacity between 8 to 10 kg is decent.
  • Portability: You must buy a flour mill that is portable so that it can be easily moved from one part of your kitchen to another.

If you plan to shop online for an atta chakki machine, you can check on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Here, you will get plenty of options for flour mills. There are exclusive discounts and offers with zero down payment options on select models and No Cost EMIs.  

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