The month of miracles is finally here!

The month of miracles is finally here!

All year long, we dream of the days and nights of December. Children or adults alike, everyone is moved and looking forward to Christmas Eve. The magical atmosphere surrounds us. Do you want to create a warm atmosphere in your home and bring the Christmas spirit into your home? Let’s take a look at some DIY Christmas decorations.

From the second half of November until the end of the year, the streets and windows are lit up, and shops abound with decorative items. You can find everywhere you need to transform your home into a fantastic place. But if you are creative people who prefer to add a DIY item or you want to spend time with your kids making Christmas toys, we have some beautiful ideas for you.

Do-it-yourself Christmas decorations – garland

Specialty stores offer us a wide variety of garlands. However, you can create unique garlands on your own to decorate your walls and windows. Just take a walk in nature and pick up a few different-sized pine cones. Then take a jute rope or twine and tie the pine cones to the thread. Add a few ribbons if you are aiming to get a standout item.

Antique jars are easy to find in every home. Why store them without ever using them? Christmas parties are a perfect occasion to revive unnecessary items. A jar can be an incredible decoration for your living room, to place above the fireplace, for example. Use wrapping paper or acrylic paints to color the jar, red ribbons, greeting cards, and string. Fill a jar with candy and surprise your friends. Put in view your cordial Christmas wishes.

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Gentlemen: Dwarf, Snowman, and Father Christmas

One of the best-known and adored toys for the holiday season is the Christmas ball. The latter exists in several models and colors and can be modified to your liking. Making a ball to adorn the tree is a pleasant and easy initiative.

How to make a Christmas ball?

Inflate one of the balloons to the desired size.

Tie the balloon knot.

Tie the yarn to the knot and wrap the yarn around the balloon.

Combine a little glue and water in a container until a smooth paste is obtained. If you want to color the yarn, you can add acrylic paint in your favorite color.

Place the balloon in the container and cover the entire object well.

Pierce the balloon with the needle.

Do-it-yourself Christmas decorations – Christmas ball

All people associate Christmas with snow and especially with snowflakes which give a magical air of the world. It’s impossible to get actual snow into our house for obvious reasons. We can still take inspiration from it and create snowflakes in different materials. In this article, we offer you a model of an ice cream stick bottle. You will need a pack of sticks, craft glue, white or blue paint. All you need to do is organize the sticks into a bottle.

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