Ozone therapy: Benefits and risks

Ozone therapy is a arguable alternative medicine practice that uses ozone gas to fight disease. Ozone is a category of oxygen. In alternative medicine, professionals of ozone therapy use gas or liquid forms of ozone to treat medical conditions and as a local disinfectant.

People have practiced ozone therapy in medical contexts for hundreds of many years. Nonetheless, its usage across the world is now controversial amid safety concerns. In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against using ozone steam therapy. This is because there is not enough evidence to resolve that it is effective or safe for medical use.

Some health organizations, including the FDA, have concerns about the safety of ozone therapy.

This colorless form of oxygen gas is made up of three oxygen atoms. In the upper atmosphere, a layer of ozone gas defends the earth from the sun’s UV radiation. Ozone gas is noxious when a person inhales it, directing to lung and throat irritation, coughing, and worsened asthma grounds. High exposure can lead to lung damage and can be deadly.

Nevertheless, some researchers consider that ozone can have therapeutic effects in medical contexts. Ozone steam therapy is considered to have the following uses:

  1. arthritis treating
  2. fighting viral diseases, such as HIV and SARS
  3. disinfecting wounds
  4. activating the immune system
  5. ischemic heart disease treating
  6. treating macular degeneration
  7. treating cancer

Researchers are currently exploring the effects of ozone steam therapy on the human body to identify any potential therapeutic goodness. So far, however, there has been little research into the true healing powers and safety of ozone therapy. For this reason, official organizations do not presently approve its use.

According to one survey 2005 report, there is not enough evidence to propose ozone therapy for HIV or other infectious diseases, heart disease, cancers, skin conditions, or a wide range of other conditions.

Although ozone has shown much success against the virus that causes HIV outside the body, no research to date has revealed its safety or effectiveness in live humans.

Some research suggests that ozone steam therapy can fight against disease, including cancer, by modulating the immune system response and opposition oxygen deficits in the body.

Nevertheless, Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer (CAM Cancer) state that there have been no randomized disciplined trials in people with cancer and very few human trials of ozone therapy for any medical condition.

To use ozone as a medicine, people apply it to the skin, use this water, blow the gas into the body, or use an ozone sauna, wherein a body part is exposed to ozone gas. Because ozone annoys the airways, it is all-important that people make sure they never inhale the gas. For some operations, a practician will mix a person’s blood with ozone and re-inject it.

People should not ever inhale ozone. If it enters the oral cavity, nose, or eyes, it can burn and cause coughing, nausea, vomiting, or other concerns. More terrible exposure can lead to respiratory complications.

Some ozone therapy procedures involve processing gas into the body. If someone acquires ozone therapy via the rectum, they may experience cramping, and a feeling of needing to pass gas. These side effects are impermanent.

Researchers are still exploring the effects of ozone therapy on the human body to identify any potential therapeutic benefits.

Ozone gas is deadly to humans, and there has been little investigation into the safety of ozone therapy. For this reason, official organizations do not presently support its use. Anyone who has questions about ozone therapy and which treatment is right for them should call us now.

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