Detailed Guide on Chemicals Used To Clean Copper Utensils

Usually, everyone follows home remedies to clean the copper kitchen wares. Of course, nothing is better than following the natural ways of cleaning utensils. Considerably, there are some chemicals that are meant to better clean the metal. The aim of this article lies in revealing those right chemicals that can also be practised for copper utensils cleaning.

Why is it important to use Chemicals for Copper kitchenware?

It is known to all that copper is an alloy that is necessary for healthy living. The metal is important for every metabolic process and for the human body’s right functioning.  Copper is also required by the enzyme systems as well.  That is to say, the enzymes are intended for cell regulation and signal transduction cellular activity.  

The research on human health and metabolism has confirmed that if the copper quantity is increased in the human body then, many health conditions can occur, like;

  • Heart diseases
  • Hypotension
  • Postpartum depression
  • Premenstrual tension
  • Childhood autism and hyperactivity 
  • Hallucinatory and Paranoid schizophrenia

The human body homeostatic mechanism is complicated and requires a regular intake of copper. Also, it eradicates the excess of the same when needed. However, it is similar to various materials you require in the right amount, neither much nor less.

What are the best chemicals for Cleaning Copper Utensils?

Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is possibly the highly used chemical for Copper Frying Pan cleaning.  It is one of those chemicals which is usually found in every home, though, is known by other names; like; Vinegar. Even being weak, it cleans well, removes tarnishes, oxidized residue or stains, from copper vessels.

To use this chemical the best way; all you have to do is to mix it with cream of tartar,  flour, baking soda, salt, to make a paste. When the vinegar starts showing its phenomenon results, it gives a shiny and soft surface on copper metal.

Citric acid 

Known as an organic acid, citric acid performs satisfactorily for cleaning copper water bottles.  Though, we cannot consider it as a powerful chemical, but, it removes the oxidized copper.  We can find it in citrus fruits like oranges, mandarin and lemon.  

Assuredly, the major source of citric acid is lemon- the reason is simple, it has more quantity of citric acid.  To clean, you can mix baking soda to it to make it a better solution for cleaning the marks of copper oxidation.


It is also an organic compound that is used as a solvent. The chemical used in the nail paint remover is a prime ingredient. Remember, it disappears immediately; hence, you must use it quickly. The Handcrafted Copper Jug set can also be immersed in the acetone to clean. 

Hydrochloric acid and Muriatic Acid

The hydrochloric chemical is substantial and is used by many to clean the bathroom sinks and titles. The acid is advised to be used to clean copper because of its harsh nature. Many a time, it can also give adverse effects. Hence, you need to remain cautious while using it to clean the Copper Frying Pan.


Tartaric Acid

To use this chemical, you have to mix it with acetic acid and make a paste. This way, the copper blemishes and stains can be cleaned properly. You can find the tartaric chemical in the tartar cream. However, it can be used alone as well, Tartaric Acid helps while cleaning the hard copper stains.

Concluding Remarks

Above mentioned are the best copper utensil cleaning chemicals.  The choice is yours on which acid you find easy to clean.  Indeed, natural ways can also be adopted. 

Let us know which one of the described chemicals is the best for this purpose. Share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading!

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